Handyfeeling.com Local Video?

Is there any way to use HandyFeeling ?

On Oculus Go, it won’t even respond when I click on the “browse” text for either the video or the script. I tried it on an Android headset and it does respond, but a white popup box says “no app can perform this action”.

Is this strictly for PC headsets?

@MysteryMan - for the easiest, seamless and best way to use your Handy, try using SLR app, steps how to do so right here:

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You get max resolution as well as 1 button connectivity everytime after first setup

Thanks. I’ve been using the DeoVR app for offline video. Not sure if it works exactly the same, but it allows me to connect to the SLR Interactive program and my Handy with the key. It does disconnect at odd times sometimes though.

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Yes DeoVR turns into SLR if you type in sexlikereal.com in Deovrs browser

Interactive works the same yes, Im not sure what the other differences are if any tbh

How often does it disconnect? Maybe spotty wifi? If you can pinpoint when it happens I can let the devs know too

Hard to say. The disconnects are random. My wifi is okay as I normally don’t have this problem with anything else.

@MysteryMan - try updating your firmware - they just released a new update today that might hopefully help

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