Hardware mod for Hismith-style fuck machines

Curious if anyone knows of any hardware mods that exist that would enable a Hismith-style fuck machine with a standard 0-10 analog dial to be used with scripts. I see that Lovense has their own machine now with App control but can’t tell if it’s script-compatible.

i know buttplug is working on getting the hismith working with scripts it would be a stroke speed only thing as it cant change its depth, and the speed change might not be very accurate from one stroke to another as it is not designed to do something like following scripts.

Also interested in hismith scripts but haven’t really found anything… Let me know if you do. Hopefully buttplug.io comes out with something but I’ve read posts from a few years ago that said they were “working on it”.

I recently coupled a 270 degree servo to the speed control knob of my machine. To test I attached the servo to a Romeo BLE like you would any of the servo channels controlled by a funscript.
This works as a vibrator like device and has to be scripted special to your machine after you experiment to get knowledge how fast it runs at each script level. I have had some success with this and it is amazing when it matches up to a video.
Mostly I use PMV or CH productions and can use the beat speed. I can assure it is interesting to have the machine change speed on it’s own when somewhat related to the video.
(I do have a next project to advance this machine beyond this experiment!)

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I so wanna experience this. Hismith that moves to a video. If you get anywhere with this project, please choose me to be a beta tester! Sorry I can’t contribute much. I’m more of a hardware techie than software.

Hi, sorry, for some reason just seeing your message now. That’s a very interesting idea, I’m going to have to try it. Just to be clear, the servo controls the speed of the control knob (therefore the transverse speed of the device, right?). If you wanted to control the transverse speed and direction of the device then I imagine you’d need to hook up a high torque servo directly to the device itself and remove/bypass the existing controls.

I’m going to try and replicate what you did and think a bit more about how to take it to the next step.

Thanks for your help!


Yes you are correct and understand all of the limitations.

I suggest you read all the details from this link as it will help you with any design you take on.

More here;

OOps I missed this thread here!

Hey everyone! For the users here who are interested in using funscripts with their smart fuck machines such as the Hismith lineup or the Lovense Sex Machine, I have created this extension for OpenFunscripter. This makes it way easier to convert funscript patterns into power level variations suitable for any buttplug.io-supported rotary fuck machine. Feel free to check out this extension and please help spread the word about it!