Has anyone been marking ES emails as spam? [HELP NEEDED]

We recently got a huge spike in our email complaint (spam) rate from our email provider and now our email account is at risk unless we figure out what’s going on and fix it.

If anyone has any information to share on this, it’d be super helpful. For example:

  • Did you mark ES email as spam recently or any time in the past?
  • Did you receive suspicious email?
  • Are ES emails going into your spam folder automatically?

no, no and not until I archive enough without reading any.

Try something like this: http://isnotspam.com/
I don’t see the domain on any blacklist and spf, dkim, and dmarc all pass.

If I remember correctly SES logs all outgoing and incoming emails so you’ll see when something is sent and when it fails. I’d also look into security side and make sure someone isn’t taking over and sending actual spam emails. If I’m right about SES being used you can totally open a support ticket and get techs to tell you if compromised at the backend layer. Could also be some kind of exploit with discourse.

It could also be something like scammers sending dm’s that translate to emails which users are then marking as spam.