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Has anyone done any scripting from female perspective?
as an example.

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I did a female POV video once.

It’s this one here:


Haven’t done one, but it would appear that the scripting would be just as easy so long as it stays POV. Something I’d try to script for sure. Gotta try everything once :wink:

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Yes, it’s pretty much the same.
Don’t know what most prefer though. If they are fine with the female pov / guy doing the action (missionary, doggy), or if they prefer guy pov and girl doing the action (cowgirl / reserve cowgirl, bj, hj).

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Funny that I just saw this, though I don’t think that this is what you have in mind.

I was kicking around the idea of scripting scenes specifically for the Lovesense Lush, but I don’t imagine that there’s much demand here for scripts for an insertable.

go for it, there is room here for anything, just tag it for lovesense, so it’s searchable and stuff.

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There was one back over on realtouchscripts, it was auto generated, but IIRC it was fairly decent. Don’t quote me on that, script quality has improved drastically over time, I may have been happy with lower quality scripts back in the day lol.

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link broken?

I’m guessing it’s supposed to refer to this one: