Has anyone else noticed the Handy being picky about " ( )" (parantheses) in funscript file names?

Hey all,

When I was using my Handy in WiFi mode with Scriptplayer the other day, I noticed one script for whatever reason would just never download to the device. Scriptplayer loaded the script fine, and even connecting with my Onyx+ via bluetooth would play it fine. After awhile of troubleshooting I thought it might have something to do with the filename, so I named the video and script “f” and sure enough that fixed it.

I noticed the video video/ script in question was one of the only ones I had with “( )” symbols in it, so to test my theory further I went and added a “(” to the middle of the name of a script I had been using frequently and successfully replicated the problem. After removing the “(”, the script downloaded normally again.

Since the Onyx+ didn’t have the same issue, I assume if you’re using the Handy in bluetooth mode it would be fine, but bluetooth hasn’t been cutting it for me since it can’t seem to play super fast complex scripts very well, which was the entire reason I bought a Handy.

Anyway, I was just curious if anyone else noticed this, if there were any other symbols/ characters known to cause issues, and also wanted to post it in case someone else might be having the same problem and not know the cause.



I have seen that issue yeah, if you’re in WiFi mode that does happen to me.
For now I changed to bluetooth, i think, mode, I use Intiface + ScriptPlayer while TheHandy is the blue mode/light, and for now maybe I haven’t gotten any video with parentheses, or it just doesn’t happen anymore, not sure but I believe it would still happen.

Another issue I found was that if a script is too long, probably and hour or more, it just doesn’t load into TheHandy, also haven’t tested that thoroughly.

Why not report it to TheHandy dev team so that they might fix it if it’s an issue?

I haven’t encountered that issue and I’ve been playing several 1,5h+ scripts with TheHandy. Could it be long scripts containing raw actions so that the scripts are several MB in size? The auto conversion from funscript to TheHandy csv format couldn’t handle too large files before. I know the dev team has improved it, but I don’t know if there still is a limit.

I just though, since I haven’t seen any posts like this one in this forum, that I just had a “bad egg” of a handy.

But I will test it and then report it.

yep i have the same probleme (only with scriptplayer).
when i use the playlist it keep the script of the last video with the new video, i just remove all “(” and it’s ok.

Maybe what I wrote sounded a bit blunt. It wasn’t meant so :slight_smile:
It was just a reflection that many use ES as a error reporting channel when other channels must be so much better. TheHandy has their discord with their devs responding to posters, SLR has their forums with their devs present and so on.

I knew there was a reddit but didn’t know about the Discord channel. I went ahead and posted a bug report in their tech support section.

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Yes!! At first I was just fixing it by renaming but the issue seems to be certain special characters (maybe just parentheses?)

Handy customer support is great when you can actually get a hold of them…