Has anyone manage to figure out a workaround for the not syncing issue with latest firmware?

Seriously, this is doing my head in now with the local player on handyfeeling. Got a few scripts but I cant test them so dont want to release them.

I just downgraded my firmware

What did you downgrade it too? did it work and how do I do it if it did lol

I’m not able to test it right now, but I built in a workaround with my own csv hosting server in the in-progress version 2 of funscript.io - you can give it a try at beta.funscript.io

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the link is to the handy frimware notes
it seems to be working fine for me

That looks pretty good. How do i get thehandy to work with it though? I entered my key and it connected, it loads the script but when playing the video its status just shows as stopped. Work fine with the manual mode as in I can control it on screen.

Just struggling with local player.

Looks much nicer than the handyfeeling one, def going to use it once I can get it working.

Not sure why it wasnt working earlier @defucilis but it works like a charm now and the latency sync bar seem to work so much better as well.

Thank you very much!

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The new beta for your site looks great btw! also ty for the workaround


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