Has Keon received any hardware update since release?

I am considering buying an automatic stroker. I have a couple of fleshlights so I figured the Keon would be perfect. I can get the Keon for 120 bucks with a coupon at an online store.
So I would ask if the Keon has received any hardware updates since release?
And is the handy still slightly better than the keon?

I have had a Keon for about a year and a half now. As far as I know, the Keon doesn’t really have a built in program that allows updates (I might be wrong about that), but I’ve been loving it since day 1. However, I’ve read on some eroscripts posts that the fleshlight sleeves leave some residues on the Keon that you might not like so you might just be better off with their sleeves. If you have the opportunity to get a Keon for cheap, it’s an excellent option. If you have a little bit more budget and want to invest in a Handy, I heard they are a bit more responsive and they have more compatibility with online stuff overall.

How is the battery doing, is it empty much faster than at the beginning?
I also read that about the fleshlight sleeve, but also a little trick to prevent that, put a paper towel around the sleeve so that only the paper towel rubs on the keon and not the sleeve.
I also considered the handy, but it costs over 70 more and it’s not easy to use with a regular fleshlight.

That’s true. In terms of battery, I tend to switch regularly between vr videos before activating the Keon to do it’s job. If you don’t manage your script and keep alternating between videos, the battery will drain much faster. This is also valid if you tend to go with fast scripts. The faster the scripts, the faster the battery will drain. Still, I’d say I can use moderate scripts for at least an hour or two before the battery starts running low. I tend to use VR stuff with it and keep it active for around 30 min per session and it takes a couple of sessions before charging it. Like any electronic devices, I recommend using it until the battery is about to run out and to avoid keeping it charged for too long.

Good to hear the battery is still good after 1.5 years.

Indeed! I try to maintain it as well as possible. Any trace of crap I can see on the inside plastic I clean it with rubbing alcool (not the tracks though). And I keep the battery usage to a minimum while I’m browing to what I want to get off to.

With a bit of electrical knowledge, you can add a female adapter port and connect a 15v 2a ac/dc adapter and bypass the battery completely. I have ran mine like this on AC/DC power adapter for over a year, nearly daily use and have had no issues. The adapter just needs to be 15 volts and at least 2a output minimum(if you go higher on the amps [not volts!!!] that will just mean the power supply can handle more load… meaning if the keon starts to have more load on it and has to draw more power to push through it, the power supply will be able to handle the draw better… but 2a is above the rating of the internal battery max load capacity… and as I stated… this is more than sufficient for the keon in my experience and according to the specs of the internal high capacity battery).

Someone,not sure who, recommended cutting the Keon cases top that you place on when not using. I bought one of the keon feelstars so had 2 case and cut one of the tops in half with junior hacksaw and that stops most of the lube/residue getting inside Keon itself. That’s in half so you then have a hollow cap to fit over with about 1 cm covering edge of the sleeve which helps stop it rubbing.

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Thanks for the tip. I watched a video tutorial on how to do this and it doesn’t seem that complicated. So I can do it when the battery dying.

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Alternatively there is a “keon lip cap” design on thingiverse which can be 3d printed to do the job. Fits well enough with the original keon sleeve. I had to modify it a bit to fit a full sized fleshlight more comfortably.

I wouldn’t recommend using it without some sort of solution - I found even the stock sleeve that came with it left a significant amount of melted tpe behind.

my keon cannot keep up with fast scripts. handy has no problem with keeping up them.

Have you tried a cock hero game? Can the Keon keep up with the speed?

@schwarzbrot, no i hvnt. but with regular videos when the action gets fast is starts skipping

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