Have you tried the handy with max2?

Have you tried the handy with max2?

I bought the max2 a few weeks ago, but my penis is not sensitive enough and the vibrations are not sufficient for me.

So I took the Handy which I haven’t tried yet,
I would really like to be able to combine the handy with max2 to have the strokes + vibration at the same time, that would be crazy!

Would be cool but I’m not sure movement would even be possible with that extra weight. Max2 is not exactly light. You’d probably need a bigger strap as well.

max 2 works with Keon

You need a different strap but I have used the Max2 in the handy. It is good but if someone took the time to create/sync the two it could be incredible.

There is a tuto on this forum for convert strokes funscript in vibrating funscript, should try! :slight_smile:

The motor of the handy is ok for stroke with max2 ?

depending on the weight it will slow down it wont reach its maximum speed

Finally tried handy this morning, feel good but only where stroke at the top, i think my penis is not made for sex toy haha… ^^ little disapointed :confused:

I am not sure if you know this or not but you can adjust the stroke length (0-100%; 0% no mvmt & 100% is max length). So if you are sensitive to one area or have area that need extra attention you can adjust it to ur liking.

With the handy, I think when you first start off there are many parts to consider and the anxiety/concern of your set up is right can get u soft making the experience cumbersome. Once you have that down it is one of the best toys around.


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