Heatmap Speeds, Colors and Device Limits?

Just wondering the exact speeds if anyone knows for the color differences on Heatmaps.
Currently think it’s about this:
Light Blue: 0-149
Green: 150-249
Yellow: 250-349 (End of yellow to early Orange KEON fails to keep up with small movements & Jitters)
Orange: 350-449 (Around the limit of Handy? Guessing, don’t own one)
Red: 450-549 (Around the limit of OSR2/SR6? Guessing, don’t own one yet, in the works)
Magenta: 550-649 (Unplayable? Is there anything that can play at this point?)
Dark Purple: 650+ :skull:

Probably not entirely accurate, but I’d love to hear the actual numbers and limits. When loaded into Scriptplayer at least, anything above yellow seems to be red, so some of these are guesses based on speeds and heatmaps I have seen around the site. Will edit the post for corrections if needed.

There is a similar topic over here:

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Yeah I saw that one. It had a few ideas on limits, but not as detailed as I hoped, so I figured trying to make a more precise post would be good. Needs input from those in-the-know though. Also paired it all with the heatmap colors just to understand heatmaps better.

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The colors varies depending on the tool used. Calculated speeds are also related to a max stroke lengths I assume. Scripting is done in percentage of a full stroke so the speed will depend on the max stroke length on the device used so the heatmap must assume a max stroke length.

The heatmap in JFS and OFS don’t use magenta/purple. Overall I think OFS use more green/blue in heatmaps than JFS.

Funscript.io and HandyControl also have their own heatmap algorithms and they include magenta/purple.

Nothing is unplayable if the device firmware is decently written. Most firmware limits the speed to what the device can handle. That usually means that the strokes becomes shorter and at full speed. That can of course be considered unplayable if you value an accurate experience of what you feel compared what you see. Jitters and skips can also be caused by points to close to each other in time.


Ahh, so the heatmaps actually vary quite a bit depending on the software used to make them. That explains why it was a bit tough to grasp it, as it was changing between script posts. Wondered why I did not see the megenta/purple on some scripts being insane.

Hmm. Not sure if this is even possible to nail down with multiple standards, and variable device limits based on movements chosen on scripts. This idea for a thread feels dead in the water then. :man_shrugging:

Colorcoding is really important for scripts.

We implemented some basic histogram Showing heat maps for scripts and vendor names

Next thing would be classifying scripts from soft to strong. If there are cool ideas we are here to implement it.

It can give you an indication if it’s a fast, medium or slow script or how the script/video varies, but I rarely see the heatmap as very helpful, just a pointer.

I’m scripting the latest VRCosplay scene with Veronica Leal right now so I exported a few heatmaps as a comparison.

Funscript . io

HandyControl v1.2.3

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Only if you have one standard IMHO. If different applications color code differently you compare apples and pears.

Would be great to agree on the standard. I believe we use some conventional color coding


Have you ever thought about generating heatmaps based on device? For a site like SLR you could allow a user to select device in the user profile and use that to present a heatmap that matches that device. Given a device stroke length and max speed you could also warn in case the script is too fast for the device. People still use older devices like the Launch (at least I read about it here on ES from time to time).

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official limits of the handy since update 3.0.something, is 500mms but in reality could be a little lower when having a lot of direction changes, but it can do red.
OSR/SR could do 1600 again in reality it wont but it should be able to do magenta speeds and probably dark purple.

The max speed most likely depends on the weight of the sleeve that is used by the device as well. The inertia caused by the sleeve weight put additional strain on the motor(s) thus lowering the speed especially when direction changes are involved.

Actually just realised that “red” should be always red on Handy, Keon or other. Of course it feels different on each device, but it’s the very maximum there.

It probably would make more sense for someone with a few devices, but for an average user it should be pretty representative.

That’s what we use so far as suggested by @raser1

It’s from slowest to fastest:

* Black = Gaps without any action

* Blue (Dodger blue) = 0

* Green (Lime) = 160

* Red = 360

* Magenta = 450

Numbers are in millimeters per second, and based on full strokes with the Fleshlight Launch.For numbers in between, the two nearest colors are blended.
Will also make a legend next to script histogram on the site and in the app.

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