Hello, I'm new and I need advice

Hello everyone,

I just bought The Handy like a week ago, and I’m just trying to find out all the possible ways to use it.

I have already tested It on PMV and VR too, downloading the video and the FunScripts previously. But now I have the following questions:

  1. Is there any kind of PC or Android videogame (maybe VR) to play using The Handy?.

  2. Is there any way to reproduce FunScripts in my browser without the need of downloading the video?.

3.How can I create my own FunScripts? It may be fun to give It a try.

  1. The quality between free and paid funscripts is really noticiable?.

  2. I would appreciate if any expert or old user could give me some tips or ideas.

Congrats to all this forum users, this look like a great community. Thanks you.

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Check out https://faptap.net, there are over 1500+ free videos available for your Handy.


There should be, but I have no experience of them so I let others answer that.

Subscription services like SLR (and others) allow you to stream both video and script.
Edit: I forgot about Faptap, which is free, that chris1337 mentioned above.

Look in the how-to section of this forum. There are both video and written guides there.

It depends on the scripter and how paid scripts are made. Hand made paid scripts are mostly made by more experienced scripters, which usually means quality, and some sites have quality control on the scripts prior to release. Other sites use AI for scripting and those are not always good and almost never as good as hand made scripts. Some scripters releasing free scripts here used to do paid scripts before. So you need to try free scripts and learn who does quality work.

See 3 (the guides also contains tips). There are also other threads here with tips if you look for them.

  1. Yes there are quite a few, but most of it is done via modding existing games rather than games having support built-in by the developers themselves. Check out this topic for a good place to get started
  2. As chris said, faptap is a good place to go for this that’s free. I know on the Handy website there are some links to official paid partner sites that support the Handy
  3. Most people use OpenFunScripter - it’s quite easy to get started and is quite fun, I strongly recommend trying to make some!
  4. Generally yes, scripting is a pretty legit artform that requires skill. As you use more scripts, you’ll start to notice that the personal taste and subjective decisions different scripters make can end up having a pretty big effect on your enjoyment of a script
  5. Depends on what kinds of tips you want! My biased advice is to check out beta.funscript.io for a few extra apps that don’t involve synchronizing your handy to videos, and for some utilities to modify scripts to your liking :wink:

Is faptap yours? I do have some feedback and questions if so.

Anything by AHE on here blows away most other scripters.

Yes, I am the creator of FapTap.

you can literally do it in a spreadsheet:

left column is time in milliseconds
right column is stroke from 0-100


would be a 3 second script stroking from 0 to 100 per second

save the spreadsheet as a .csv and you load it into handyfeeling.com or funscript.io to play without a video

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