Help … anyone know who this girl is?

Really appreciate if anyone knows anything about her …??

Her name seems to be Vanessa Sierra, and she seems to have an OnlyFans. About all I could find out, other than that someone named Bernard Tomic regretted making a video with her for OF? :man_shrugging:

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well thats interesting thanks … ill vet this info now that i have a name

wrong girl lol

she is hot though …

fack … I got excited .

Really? Huh. She looks quite similar anyways. Good luck on your search haha.

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yeah similar, but its not her, you can see it at some details, for one… Vanessa doesnt have a tat on the right arm, and no piericing in the lip either, and the nose and face is different too, and the big arm sleeve tattoo is not the exact same either, there are some differences too.

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Kayla Lauren
But it seems there is no porn with her, only erotica



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@qweer this guy for the win…. Fucks she’s hot

Just search by image. busy minute)

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You are correct and unfortunately with iPhone iOS google search by image doesn’t work properly… unless you request desktop site and even then it’s not always working … but from my laptop I can np.

Appreciate your service captain !! Lol

If you have this problem again, you could also try NameThatPornstar. I’ve used this site before with strong success. I swear some of the people on there are smut savants or something haha - you’ll often get a correct answer within 24 hours. No disrespect to anyone here on their ability to identify performers, just another avenue you can explore if you’re ever in a bind :slight_smile:

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