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🐺 Help me choose the scene with Atlantis Deep to script (VR)


I wanted to script some videos from VirtualTaboo, since it’s been a while, and have a hard time deciding between these two scenes. Not too big of a choice, I know, but choose the one you like more.


Finish Happy Mother's Day!, VirtualTaboo's virtual reality porn video. first, please :slight_smile: I actually considered to script that when I saw it, but since it was in your WIP I left it.

I should probably finish what I started on myself because I have a script with Vanna Bardot that I’ve down-prioritized several times for other videos.


Yeah, I saw it today and was pleasantly suprised how good it is. The lenght for a foursome VR vid seems great too so I will definitely do it first. The script should be avaliable next weekend, I hope.


yayyy cant wait for either of these, shes super fine

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thats too fukin hard, both are really good.

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Winner: VirtualTaboo - Be My Creamy Valentine


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