Help needed by playing 2d content on Quest3 with Script Support

Hi folks,

I downloaded a script on this side as well the content from Spank…
I renamed everything and put this to XBRV. Aling the scripts and the vid and put it to the scenes. All fine so far.

If I now start to playback the vid on DeoVR I see it in 3D Mode and no option to change it. But it is a 2d content.
Can someone help me to see it in basic 2d flat ?

XBVR only plays VR, at least from the last time I was using it. I got rid of it for that reason and moved everything into Stash, as it can handle both VR and 2D. Below are the two software repos you’d need to stand it up.

You could run both solutions, I was doing that for a long while but then asked myself why maintain an extra docker when it is not providing any functionality beyond what Stash already does. If you do go that route, just bear in mind you will need to change the external port the docker is using to avoid conflict with XBVR, but that’s easy enough.

GitHub - stashapp/stash: An organizer for your porn, written in Go. Documentation:

GitHub - o-fl0w/stash-vr: Watch your stash library in VR.

Just the answer i was looking for, thanks! But, I cant get it to open because I already have XBVR, and Stash shows a “fatal error” upon opening the .exe. as such, I cant figure out how to change the port number. Any help would be greatly appreciated (please note that I am not nearly as computer savvy as most people here)

Hmm I’ve never messed with the windows app, I have it on a docker deployment.
I did a trial install on my workstation for ya and I’m fairly confident the system is running into a port conflict with XBVR as it launches the WebUI immediately upon launching the exe.

Go command line and launch the app like so, you will hopefully have better results: ./stash --port 1234 (specify any free port you want here)

And yes, to your earlier question, it plays scripts for both 2D and VR.

For documentation purposes:
Advanced Configuration Options | Stash-Docs (

Thanks very much!

my current setup for vr works with 2d content as well,

Quest 2>Virtual Desktop>SteamVR>Heresphere Player

although if its just 2d content, you could end it at Virtual Desktop and run it as normal.

Heresphere is $35USD i think, but the trial version works just the same, just an ad pop-up around 15 minutes after use.

Y_D :dragon:

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