Help Using Handy Interactive Scripts

I used my Handy online for a while but I’m having issues now. I’m connected to wi-fi, but the SLR app is saying I have to login now to use interactive scripts.

I don’t recall that being the case. Are they blocking it out as a premium feature or am I doing something wrong?

Open to alternative ways to use funscripts as well! But need some help. Thank you in advance.

DeoVR update broke script if not premium for SLR

Update : you can find an older version of DeoVR somewhere here

Figures…at least that’s out there. I’ll look!

Still open to alternatives that are actively worked on.

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Worked for me. Appreciate 'ya.

Might be temporary if they truly crack down, so I’ll be on the lookout for alternatives.

EDIT: Heresphere Quest version loading funscripts like a charm!

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