Help VR, cannot get it working on iOS or Android xiaomi

I got a problem

iPhone 12 mini DEO VR is simply spinning all around, redownload reset does not work.

Poco M3 all the time DeoVR or SLR app show “Error playing video file” “Unsupported format!”

Demos from SLR or DeoVR and local files have a same message, any alternative for VR?

If you don’t mind spending the money I have an oculus go which is it’s own headset, oculus probly has something newer kinda pricey but worth it

My iphone 12 pro does the same. Only fix I have found is temporary by uninstalling the app, restarting the phone and reinstalling the app. After opening the app a few times, it does it again though. It’s up to the developers to release and update fix for the app.

You might like to get one of these headsets first What’s the best headset for VR porn?

iPhones aren’t good for vr

Just ordered oculus 2 256 for both reasons, second is that I love Superhot or Pavlov shooter.

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