Help, what can I replace Whirligig with?

So I bought a new laptop and after reinstalling everything with the codecs and no luck, I just can’t get whirligig to work like it did before. I really like it because I like being able to use my xbox controller to control the video play and video tilt, etc but the video stutters and I have tried everything. The videos appear to play well with Virtual Desktop, but I need to be able to feed Multi Fun Player to sync with my SR6.

If anyone has a trick to getting whirligig to work, please let me know. Otherwise what do you guys suggest as another player that can play my local video collection. I’m not looking to stream on SLR or anything.

Have you tried changing the video path “playback” “video paths” (visible in Tutorials — Whirligig first video at 3m41) ? I don’t see any reason to change, it should work everywhere, I believe it’s a configuration issue.
You may need to change the video path, based on codec/resolution, if it stutters I change it and it’s fluid again.

Hey televore,

Yeah I have tried switching between directshow and WinRT…some appear to work better than the other at times, but the video is still not watchable. Maybe I dont have something set right in my k-lite codecs but I have tried almost every combination of settings.

you have only 2 options? I have 5 video paths on my version… I see appid 451650 on steam (ID of build 6492508). You are up-to-date? (I don’t use the beta FYI)

an explanation on the video paths here: Trouble Shooting — Whirligig
Also trying the beta version may help…

I got Whirligig(paid version) within the last couple of months and had to troubleshoot a lot of these sorts of problems. Had the same issue with some videos being choppy. You’re probably missing a codec somewhere. I messed around with video codecs for the directshow video path and eventually found the stuff I was missing. Unfortunately I don’t remember what exactly I did but I would suggest installing the K-Lite Codec’s full or mega package.

Unrelated but if the video isn’t loading/playing sometimes the name of the video file screws with the player.

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