Help with connection to PC

Hello my friends. I have a trouble connection the Handy to PC. I can easily connect the Handy to macbook or iphone using the handyfeeling. But, I can’t connect the Handy to my PC, which is connected to router by ethernet cable. I enter my key, using PC, and nothing happens. It just gives an error.

Any suggestions?

Is it this Error in HandyControl?

19:58:19.642 - getServerTime - 01/01/1970 02:07:52 - Initial Offset: -1697219884194 - Average Offset: -7776
19:58:20.167 - Script Upload - File is uploaded and ready for Handy to download, Filename: 1957530.csv, Size: 94459, URL:, Orginalfile:
19:58:20.170 - Downloading the script to Handy…
19:58:21.701 - Script Prepare - Error - 404 - Not Found -

Cannot GET /api/v1//syncPrepare

I recommend you to connect your handy via bluetooth and the software “Intiface Desktop” to the PC.

Oh mates, thank you very much, I came up with the solution. It was like my PC didn’t understand that it’s in the same WI-FI network, as the Handy.

Unfortunately, I do not have bluetooth interface for my PC.

Does it work much than using via Wi-Fi?

I use a bluetooth dongle, it’s cheap af. There was a time bluetooth was smoother as wifi, I don’t know if it is still so. In my case my WIFI settings are not compatible with TheHandy.

I’ve never used my the handy with scripts till yesterday, and it’s not as smooth as I thought.

Currently trying to make my scripts smoother.

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