Help with re-syncing a script

Hello, so I purchased this script : and got the video from the link on RealSync. However, the script starts about 4 seconds too early. I downloaded OpenFunScripter in an attempt to re-sync it but to be honest I had no idea WTF I was doing…

Can anybody help me with resyncing this? I can provide the files but I don’t want to necessarily upload them here since this is a paid script and I don’t want to infringe on the creator’s work.

Just contact @Realcumber, he should be able to check if the script is in sync. Is the duration of the video from the site the same lenght as on realsync?

The page on RealSync says the script is 39:19 but the video from the link is 39:23, so that accounts for the 4s discrepancy. I’ll shoot RealCumber a PM. Thanks!

I would assume if it is just a few seconds off you could open it in Open Funscripter, select all, hold shift and arrow key to the left or right till it is aligned properly.

Thanks @Husky and @Teasey for trying to help - Got it sorted for @hexen70 earlier today, easy fix :slight_smile: