Help with Scriptplayer-scripts not DL

Hey, all-
Is anyone having issues with Scriptplayer? The Handy will connect but Scriptplayer won’t download ANY scripts. It worked last night. I thought it may have been issues with Handy but I played scripts on handyfeeling.
Is anyone or has anyone had issues like this? Is there a better player? I don’t really like handyfeeling because it takes so long to load vids and scripts.
Any advice would be appreciated. :+1:


It seems to be a problem with the Handy servers currently. I had the same issue. ScriptPlayer didn’t download the script like usual, but on HandyFeeling it worked.

I would assume, that the problem is caused by the Handy servers and it will work again sooner or later.


Thanks. I figured it was something to do with Handy servers. So I guess no reason to go and panic! :+1:

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