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I got some videos that I want to make into scripts… but I’m new to this I know how to get the MP4 for the video but the other part I don’t know where to get that from… if anybody could help me with this it will be greatly appreciated

I can think of a couple ways to go about this. The central premise behind them both is the video you script for has to be available to the user. Some options are:

  • Script to your copy and upload your copy somewhere (Mega, GoFile, Spankbang, Porntrex, etc.)

  • Try to find a link to the original video and post a link to that. If your copy doesn’t match the official copy, replace your copy with an official one or script to the streaming version if that is even a possibility.

Hey bro… That’s the problem I can’t find the link to the MP4 video… I can download the MP4 file… but the question is where do I find the link for that pacific video

Places I would check for clues is the filename, watermarks on videos, anything mentioned in opening dialogue, metadata, etc.

If that didn’t work, try pausing the video when the actors are in view and not moving too much and taking a screenshot. You can run it through an image search. I use Google and Yandex. Yandex usually gives me better results.

If you know the name of the actress you can try searching on her name and some aspect of the scene that might make it searchable.

If all else fails and you cannot find the source you can always host it somewhere.

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Bro I swear…I love you… pause no homo… Just for you taking the time out and try to explain to me I greatly appreciate that me and you going to become good friends on here… can I send you a video and you scripted for me?.. well really for us… :joy:


I appreciate the kind words and am always glad to help. I am no scripter, however. Perhaps one day. I wish you luck on your search.

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Well I can say this… You been a BIG help… salute to you brother :100:

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You should post in the Script Request section.

I would also advise you to get a account. It’s commonly used here for sharing video and script files.

Welcome to the party mate :+1:

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I greatly appreciate that bro thank you… man I love this community

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