Help with software - New PC or New VR headset?

Hey Everyone,

If anyone would read this and offer some advice or share your set up, I would be very appreciative. I think its about time to retire the old war machine. Currently, I like to use oculus link and use the oculus quest 2 for watching videos. Right now my PC can only support up to 7k videos smoothly. With more studios doing 8k and SLR announcing they plan to start unleashing 10k vr videos. It may be time to upgrade. Problem is, I don;t know if I should upgrade PC or headset.

Current PC specs

  • NVIDIA 1080 TI
  • 16 gigs of ram
  • 8th gen I7 intel processor

I want to be able to play 8k and the upcoming 10k videos smooth as silk. I was thinking of building an all new set up with 32 gigs of ram and a 4080. But then I thought “is it my headset and the oculus’s resolution thats currently causing stuttering and lagging on the 8k videos, because I can play them on the PC (only pc, oculus not plugged in) and there is no lag”

ANY advice you give is appreciated. Also, if you can run these 8k videos smoothly, PLEASE share your set up. Thank you so much in advance. EDIT I would just like to give a shout out to this community. Since I joined this site, the community has been always welcoming and always friendly. Hope you folks are doing ok, thanks for all the insight

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I would normally advise prioritizing the video card upgrade but I use a Rift and a Rift S which act essentially as a monitor hooked directly to the video card. I know the original Quest worked differently and suspect the Quest 2 does as well so I’ll let someone weigh in on that as it may very well be your bottleneck.

But that video card is already long in the tooth. I upgraded from one of those to a 2070 maybe 4 years ago and the difference for the VR stuff was like night and day. If you end up doing a new build, don’t chintz out on the power supply. I’ve got a client who went with a cheaper PS and in saving 20 bucks created continual issues for him.

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I appreciate you commenting. Yeah if you’re running a rift and arnt having any stuttering or lagging issues then it’s gotta be my old graphics card. And don’t worry, when I do stuff like upgrading important equipment, I don’t compromise. I’ll compromise in other parts of life, but not with stuff I really care about. - I found a prebilt on costcos website running an 3080, think it had either an I9 or I12 processor (2k even) and I may go with that. I can build a pc fine, but my bro got a Costco prevbuild and dude, shits actually nice. All parts came as advertised, cable management on it is great and they even labeled all the cables. - but in the event I become dead set on a 4080 I won’t skip on the ps

Back in the day, you had to build your own to get something decent without dropping 3k. I’ve been using prebuilts now for years. This current machine I’m typing on is my build but all my other production machines are prefab.

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With your 2070, can u run these new 8k videos without stuttering or lag?

Oh yeah, I’ve yet to run into anything that chokes the VR, whereas before on the 1080 I sure could at that point. Obviously there weren’t 8k vids back then but whatever the cutting edge of the day was made it stutter.

Now, having said that, just yesterday I was taking a break and my VR was choppy to the point of not working at all, but it was because I was rendering a video in Premiere simultaneously so I deserved what I got for trying to do that.

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The 1080 Ti has a max resolution of 7680 x 4320, same as 2070 / 2080 / 3070 etc. but I don’t know if the max resolution is possible with your needed frame rate (hz).

Your bottle neck for smooth videos is somewhere else I guess. Don’t forget you are just watching a video, the gcard is bored.

If you use the original link cable it is in USB 3.2 standard and your motherboard does not support it, that may be the problem. If you use a third party cable this is maybe the problem.


Hmmmm THATS some good info. Maybe I just need more ram. I may just try bumping it to 32gigs instead of dropping 2k on a new system. Thank you for the input

To be fair I personally have a 1660ti + 16gb of ram and didn’t notice any stutters with 8k videos on the quest 2, is this actually a common occurrence? I haven’t had a single issue yet, I can even run 8k videos on the quest 2 standalone without any stutters (which obv doesn’t have a beefy gpu)

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Hmmmm. It mainly seems to happen with any videos over 20gb for me. Like, I run the quest to my pc with the quest link cable, and from there run the slr desktop app. And 7k videos of any size run smooth. But 8k videos that are over 20gbs always stutter, have sound issues and lag. - I’m now thinking maybe I can just upgrade to 32 gbs of ram (but I mean that’s more of a bandaid cause I’ll need a new pc eventually, plus if I got a new thx 4080 set up I could get the upscaling ai and not have it take forever)

yeah it sounds like its a ram issue, aka u need more since you demand more from your computer. The CPU looks fine and I personally would upgrade the graphics cards to something from the 2k series of nvidia cards just so that your computer is prepared for more demanding programs such as video, editing, gaming. (only if you regularly use them tho)

I appreciate you weighing in as well. Always good to hear from ya. And I have this weird Alienware mini case where the power supply is stored uptop and swings out. It’s a cool innovation and saves space but the case isn’t big enough for a new graphics card. On top of that I want a 1tb thumb drive as my main processor. And when I wanna upgrade ram as well it’s like (why not just build a new pc at that point? Plus I miss losing a new game and just having everything be set to “ultra high graphics” by default. But yeah, I try ink what I’ll do is get the ram upgrade, see if that does the trick and if it dosent, return there ram and just buy a whole new pc. I don’t do much video editing (I’d like to start messing around with upscales tho) @g90ak upscaled a JAV vr video from its base to 8k and I bout lost my dam mind hahaha. If I could do that either all my favorites all JAV lovers on here would benefit

if ur gonna do upsclaes yeah that will require a upgrade. Tho I do believe you can get smaller versions of the components, people have done it before. You would really have to check what your motherboard was built to handle to make sure parts are compatible

Please take no offense, but this statement makes me a little wary of recommending you do any upgrades yourself. A USB flash drive and a CPU are totally different things.

Also, if your current case supports a 1080ti, it can fit newer GPUs.

Lastly, that processor/GPU combo should handle 8k fine. Are you using DeoVR, or Heresphere. Someone told me that my upcaled videos have issues with seeking in DeoVR, but they play fine in Heresphere for me. Just something to check out.

Lol a miscommunication, did not mean a flash drive. I just meant I wanted to store my windows/start up files on one of those I think there called like n - something sticks, they are tiny like a thumb drive

haha nvme drives. They’re not THAT much faster than current sata SSDs. They definitely won’t help you play back higher resolution videos.

There are some smaller (and stupid IMHO) studios that have encoded 8K videos using h264 instead of h265. Those tend to stutter a lot unless you have a really powerful CPU. h264 is specified to support up to 4K, if I’m not mistaken, since it has no hardware decoding support like HEVC / h265. So checking the encoding can be good if only some high res videos stutter (use e.g. MediaInfo for that). You can always reencode such videos to h265 using Handbrake or similar.


THIS is some excellent insight. Thank you. I’m gonna check into that, cause MAN I want my summer hart videos in the highest resolution possible lmao. A brief update on my pc: I bought additional ram on my way home today and tried to put it in only to learn my Alienware motherboard is SUPER fucking picky with its upgrades ( yes I got what should be accepted by my system as far as speed of ram and what’s compatible with my processor) and I pretty much have to use the same type of ram it came with. Sad. So long story short, I’m gonna use pc part picker tomorrow, sink money into a rtx 4080 set up and invite my friend over to help my assemble once all the parts get here (thank god for him) and with the money I save from not overpaying for a pre build, I’m gonna snag the topaz ai software and see if I can start 8king my favorite JAV videos and more. - if all goes well. - we are not getting Alienware again lol. Now it’s just a question of Ryzen or intel…… all this for better porn and video games…. That may seem sad but you gotta splurge on yourself a little every now and again right?

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