Help with Sr6 Axis

I’ve received the Sr6, and I’ve been testing it, and it works pretty well, except with the Roll and Pitch Axis.

I’ve tried some videos with these axis, but it only move up and down.
The names are the same as the video, except it ends as example.roll.funscript

To watch the videos I need to open MFP (then connect it), and open JFP and then MPV (It won’t work If y try to open MVP from MFP)
With JFP I can manually move Roll and Pitch axis, and with MFP it shows the bars (L0, R0, etc…) moving, but SR6 won’t move these axis.

Any ideas why this could happen??



I figured it out and It works now, but:

If I load normal script videos, the up and down axis works perfect, but If I load multi-axis scripts, only the roll and pitch axis works, not the up and down one X_x

all you need is mfp and connect it to sr6 then at top there is options for deovr,heresphere,mpc-hc,mpv,and whirligig. google mpv and download it place it in same folder as mfp then when sr6 is connected click mpv at top and connect. a new window will pop up just drag and drop the video in the mpv window. if all your scripts for that video is in same folder and labeled correctly it will auto load them when you drag and drop the video in mpv .there is no need for jfp . and as to them not moving if above didnt work go to the axis that have script for and make sure they aren’t in bypass mode (under the axis names 3rd from left )

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Solved! Thank you very much!!

The only problem now, is to connect DeoVR, because I don’t know what the Endpoint is.

I’ve tried Whirligig too, but I have no idea how it works ^^’

have you gone into setting and turned on timescode server in deo vr and whirligig ?


I’m using Heresphere right now, because I’m unable to make Whiligig worksx.x but I can’t make it work well in VR. I still see it as a big cinema screen, without the depth sensation or the head tracking. I’m gonna try something else now.
We are discussing it in here. If you have any knowledge that can help me, It will be welcomed!

for whirligig prob just need to put it on barrel or fisheye in menu you prob have it on cinema

i don’t use whirligig as i find deovr better and havnt tried heresphere yet :+1:

Thank you, I looked for all afternoon why it doesn’t work.
thank you master :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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