Help with Virtual Desktop, Quest, SLR/deovr, Keon, Local-files

Hello all.
Since today I have a Keon but I don’t know how to play scrips via Virtual Desktop and Quest, SLR/deovr and local files. I also have a Handy and it works well. only I can’t get the Keon that far. Can someone point me in the direction where I can find that on this site how to do that? Thanks in advance

Search is a nice function :wink:

Start checking the thread below. There are responses that might help further down in that thread.

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Yes I was already looking, but a lot has been written from there. thank you very much for your link. I will go take a look

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How are you wanting to use Keon? Do you have Quest 2 as that’s what I have plus Keon. I’ve used them with SLR Subscription, playing files on Quest 2 itself and using Scriptplayer, Herespehere with Intiface and Virtual Desktop. I found the SLR sub with their app plus connect ap the easiest to use/setup. Files on copied to Quest 2 to play was limited as about 4gb file size limit plus copying over files was tedious. The Scriptplayer, Herespehere with Intiface and Virtual Desktop setup works well yet took some time to get it working.

I started with SLR sub and is good way to find how whole thing works. Plus they have useful guide here:

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Yes I succeeded. via phone app, sexlikereal and then the Quest.