Here come true 8K VR videos

I’m really happy to announce the true 8K produced with Canon camera Sharing My Little Pink Secret - Blonde German Teen Solo Masturbation

It’s released in original 30FPS. It takes one month to interpolate 8K video to 60FPS. Once finished we will replace the file with the higher FPS version. Upcoming Canon R5C is going to shoot natively in 60FPS.

Simply install deovr app and go to in Deo browser. Get the best quality with a single click

This week we start shooting with Canon for SLR Originals.

It brings the whole tech to the next level. Should work really great with upcoming SLR app quality boost. Will perfectly fit the scripts.

Finally bringing 8K tag to SLR. Only confirmed 8K will be tagged, fuck all the fake shit Beware of producers fake "8K", "7K" and "6K"



Btw you have already 7k and 8k category on slr full of all these fake videos.

Going to fix that. It exists for tagging purposes, but it wasn’t highlighted on the site.

It’s truly embarrassing for producers and viewers who cheered it. Total disgrace

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Agree, most of the time 5k/6k videos are visually better and have higher bitrate.

Do you plan to still release in 6K or will people not being able to play 8K videos (i.e. with an AMD graphics card) will need to downgrade to 4K?

Thank god the 8K revolution is here. Finally we will be fully utilizing the power of our graphic cards and quest 2 chips.
The video looked great by the way.

The newest AMD graphic cards of architecture Arcturus and Navi 21 can play 8K videos. just not the older ones

Release that boosted up app mate ! We have already waited too much time.!

Why not using the FM DUO with 12K@30 :rofl:. I think 90fps with 6k makes more sense.

Just released the new UI in SLR app. Quality boost comes next week

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Good to know about Navi 21, do you have some source? (or have you tried yourself?) It’s really hard to find good info on the video decoding capabilities of AMD cards.
That doesn’t really answer my question though, because I have a Navi 10 card, and I won’t upgrade just for the video decoding (especially with the state of the market right now).

It’s not suitable for any decent production last time we checked it.

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Very nice. Excited to get some scripted 8k Originals. When can we expect to start seeing them hit the site, at least in 30FPS?

Also, the fact that just about anything in computing takes a full month these days is crazy. Computers have gotten so fast, but we keep finding bigger mountains for them to climb.


We have postponed the two next productions because it’s top cast. Looking to put it to work at Feb 9 shooting.

Yeah, probably about time we get super computer in place.

High resolutions is never a trivial thing. Current gen machines were not designed for that. It has little use outside of VR



Hi VRHush , so your current 8K vids are made with K2 Pro (5120×2560) and then upscaled to 8K- right ?

Indeed. Pretty much the same story for all major studios currently. There are some doing incredible work within a different workflow but with the current VR Setups, this is the standard. Imo, the quality and experience is fantastic out of the K2 Pro. We recently overhauled our post workflow (color correcting and some other aspects) that upticked out quality but it is still shot in the res above and upscaled.

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Unified Video Decoder - Wikipedia Soource here

LOL, VRHush isnt really 8K then just 5K with upscaling.

That page is useless for this purpose, it doesn’t say which encoding is supported at what resolution. Navi 10 is indicated as supporting a maximum resolution of 8K there, but h265 8K definitely doesn’t work.

this is great news! indeed good to see some true 8k, im also sick of the fake stuff, the “remastered” stuff is also a joke. Compared side by side original with higher res “remastered” on few videos and couldn’t notice any difference, was still blurry as hell


Yeah, probably about time we get super computer in place.

Just get in touch with NASA. I’m sure they’ll understand that this is what’s truly important for mankind.

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