HereSphere: Delay between Handy action and video with CzechVR videos --> Solutionb

Hey Guys, I dont know if you face the same problem, but if I use CzechVR videos with The Handy and their scripts and HereSphere Player (which in my opinon is the best script video player), I sometimes experience a strong, sometimes changing delay between The Handy and the video.

What helps, is shorting the filename and the funscript name. I think, the software somehow has problems dealing with the long filenames like 201-Czechvr-blablabla-35679-808.mp4
so just try renaming it in e.g. 201.mp4 .
Helped in my case, would be interested if you guys have the same problems and if it helps.
Pls note: I play the videos from a Synology NAS, maybe it also has something to do with this step in between.

stay safe guys

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What kind of lag are you talking about? Like stuttering on playback while the audio still plays but the video is stuck for a few seconds?

Hey sorry man, I meant a Delay between The Handy Actions and the Video you See / a changing Offset.
Normally I have an Offset value around -290ms, but with the Long filenames it sometimes geht’s longer and longer During the video. By shorting the filenames this Problem goes away so I wanted to share this
I have corrected it in the original thread.