HereSphere - skipping to tag/cuepoint

I am trying to get my head around the notion of tags in HereSphere.

What I want to do is mark interesting timestamps in a vid and be able to jump swiftly to them.

I tried setting “cuepoints” for certain timespans in XBVR and they show up in HereSphere interface under “Video Tags” but no idea how to skip to them.


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If you are setting the cuepoints in XBVR then you need to tell Heresphere to refresh that information from XBVR to get those cuepoints to show up on the bottom of a video.

It is hard to describe maybe it is in the manual. I do it by accessing the xbvr website using the Heresphere web browser.

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I found it!

In HereSphere interface there is a little cogwheel in the bottom right corner once the XBVR interface is loaded.

Clicking it, I activated “Overwrite tags” which made HereSphere pick up the XBVR tags. The cuepoint tags are now visible above timeline of the vid being played.


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