Heresphere tilt keybind

Hi All,

Has anyone been able to map tilt to a keybind in heresphere? I posted on the discord and they got back to me to say it was the “Roll Up” binding but It still doesn’t work. I’m using the quest 2 and am trying to get it to work with holding down the grab button and moving the joystick up/down.

Yeah I can tilt up, down, left, right. I think up and down was bound to the joystick by default. I’m using a Reverb G2 so it might be slightly different for me. I can’t remember but I think the keybind called “Rotate Up.”

Yea that’s what I meant “Rotate Up”. Lemme see if i can get a screenshot of the config for comparison

It’s a bit weird, i also had problems with it in the beginning and i don’t know if i can explain it properly.
You shouldn’t have to setup anything, its default already, but you have to activate the contoller first.
When you are in the menu and you press buttons, you can see the pointer for the controller you are using.this is now the activ controller and only this controller can now tilt the picture.
So for example if you use the right contrller in the menu and you try to tilt with the left controller, it will not work. If you want to use the left controller, you have to open the menu, press the trigger on the left controller and then you should be able to tilt the picture with the left controller.

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