HereSphere VR Video Player now available for Quest 2

Just a friendly reminder that we have a new VR player available for Quest 2 with script capabilities.

It even has the famous autofocus algorithm from its PC/Windows counterpart which wasn’t even planned for the Quest 2 port afaik because of possible performance issues.

There is a demo available so you can test before buying it.

Link: :star: HereSphere VR Video Player (Quest 2) by HereSphere ( :star:

I didn’t test it yet but if this is working as intended we have a new king.
Support and feature requests in the HereSphere Discord: HereSphere

I’m not involved in this project in any way just an admirer of the work done here.


I bought it for PC, i use it via virtual desktop on my Quest 2. It definitely makes any VR video much better and fixing shitty scaling/camera angles is easy to do, after you learn the program. The motion function just gives me a headache though, but that’s easy to turn off.

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Anyone figured out how to get XBVR working with it?

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Turn on the DeoVR interface in the XBVR settings and input local ip of the machine running xbvr with port 9999 eg: into the HereSphere web browser then hit the play button in brackets to the left of the address bar.

I’m not seeing it in the Quest store. Is this only available via SideQuest?

Does this work on a Go?

For now yes. I’ve read somewhere that he wants to be on the Oculus store also, but it could take a longer time since there is still much to do and he needs certain things fully working / stable for that.

@Yezohd8b Nope.

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Thanks for reminding us about this. How do I use this to stream videos and funscripts from my computer to my quest?

You’ll need ScriptPlayer on Windows for now. (for scripts)

Native script support is in development, so you can copy video + funscript directly to the Quest soon.
So right now you can either copy your video file to the Quest or use SMB or XBVR network share.

You can find more info on the HereSphere Discord.

This is the one I’ve been waiting for, but I’m going to hold off on getting it for now - there are still a few updates I need in place. For example, thumbnails for local videos (which I understand he’s working on), and native script support.

It’s a hell of a player, but is almost a victim of how impressive it is - loads of settings etc. - it would be good if the most common settings could be a little more intuitive or obvious.

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anyone else having an issue where heresphere no longer plays scripts? the videos play but not the scripts. They work just fine in DEOVR but for some reason they no longer load into heresphere.

I hear that there was an issue recently with the Handy servers, but it should be resolved now.

If you try now does it work as you’d expect?