HereSphere VR Video Player update adds native Handy support for PC

The HereSphere steam beta branch has been updated to support funscripts for the Handy on PC, and is able to use funscripts provided by XBVR directly, without having to use a fallback directory.

To enable funscripts with the Handy in HereSphere:

  1. In the user settings, input your Handy Connection Key and then enable the “Synchronized Periphals” toggle. If the connection is successful, then you should see “Connected” next to the toggle. If you see “Firmware Update Required”, then you need to update the Handy firmware. If you see “Invalid Connection Key”, check your connection key and make sure the Handy is in wifi mode with accesss to the internet.

  2. The player will first look for funscript files in the same directory as the video being played or will load the script provided by XBVR. If no funscript files are found, then the player will look in the fallback directory. The default fallback directory is “C:/Interactive”, but you can change it in the user settings under synchronized peripherals.

  3. It may take several seconds for funscript files to be downloaded to the Handy when a video is opened. An icon that looks like a play button with radio waves is located above the seek bar, and changes color based on the connection status of the handy. A red icon indicates a connection error; a gray icon indicates no script can be found; a yellow icon indicates the script file is being uploaded; orange icon indicates the script upload failed; blue icon indicates the script upload succeeded; purple icon indicates the script is playing. If the script doesn’t seem to be playing or has sync issues, you can try reopening the file or refreshing the connection by hitting the reconnect icon next to the Synchronized Peripherals toggle. You can also toggle play/pause or seek to resync the video.


Nice! If you could add a “fill gaps with movement” option i could ditch Scriptplayer completely. :slight_smile:

In the user configuration I can’t find where to put the Handy key.I don’t see the “Synchronized Periphals” option either. :worried:

It should be here (at least in quest version it is):

Once you are in the settings “Synchronized Periphals” is somewhere on the right side.

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Make sure you’re using the beta version in Steam.
In your Steam library, select HereSphere then Manage button, Properties… and BETAS finally select the beta and the software should update.

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Thanks for the help Husky and Alderamin, I had to put it in BETA, then the missing menu appeared, I just had to update the Handy firmware and select the funscripts folder, it’s perfect. :star_struck:

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On PC, is there an option to never start a video on startup? I tried to look in the settings but I didn’t find anything.

What I usually do is starts HereSphere and JoyFunPlayer on my PC while the audio is going through my speakers, and then I go and put on my Valve Index and activate my headphone, and then I start playing a video, using only the Xbox controller (I don’t even have to use the valve controller).
Once in a while, what happens is a video starts automatically in HereSphere and it plays really really loudly in my PC speakers, with sounds that I would prefer not to be overheard… :wink:


So recognizable :rofl: Offtopic: something similar happend last week; I was playing some videos on my quest 2 and only after a looooong time did I notice my headphones were unplugged. Everyone knows what I’m up to now for sure. :sweat_smile:

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That’s strange. Videos shouldn’t ever start on startup. You have to select a video before it starts playing. I think there’s a possibility that you’re clicking inside the HereSphere window, which then selects a video to play. Maybe try alt-tabbing after launch so the HereSphere window doesn’t have focus.

Thanks, that might be it, because it doesn’t happen often enough to be totally automatic.

I sometimes try to click on the windows to remove the ‘windows don’t have focus’ message that I get inside the application. I’ll try to alt-tab to HereSphere instead of clicking on it but not do anything else (and learn which key start-stop video instead of panicking and doing a bunch of Alt-F4 and closing half my opened applications :grin:).