Hidden script category for higher level users only?

if anyone feels like they’re getting nagged with pms, that sounds like something you can report to a mod and let us take action on


It was far more prevalent over at RTS. I used to get them on occasion, but I think now that I am less active people turn the sights toward others.

I have no preference for a rule either way.

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I’m with this guy. This is literally my first comment on this site. You guys that script are good and I appreciate it because I tried a couple of times and I don’t have the patience. But I’m not someone to come on a forum to talk to people about my masturbating preferences. It’s not how I am. So I’d miss out on scripts because of the type of personality I have. I’d rather just pay for the scripts on realsync or on here or something rather than be forced to chat about wanking off to strange dudes on the internet.
Edit: I don’t even know how to quote a comment so “this guy” is lost somewhere in the thread.


I personally have only had 2 or 3 people DM me requests, none of those expected the work to be free. I have also fulfilled 2 or 3 requests in the requests section. Personally I don’t mind people DM’ing requests if they are respectful and understand that I choose what projects I want to work on. I also 100% would not entertain someone who DM’ed me asking to script something for nothing…
I think requests should just go to the requests section of the forum, DM’ing a scripter for a commission is fine but expect to pay for the work in that case.


Glad to have you back good sir! This community has def added to my general happiness, thanks to people who use their expertise, and spend their valuable time for the content. I cannot understand pushy, impatient people, especially for something they are getting for free! The nerve.

Lol and that is a shame and a loss for them. I understand being a bit sheepish. I encourage those individuals to speak up, it is the only way you can change the way you feel about it. Like exposure therapy.

I would be willing to bet most users aren’t comfortable talking about fapping because of the social stigmas opinions etc. On this site you do not have to fear those responses. We are all fappers here. Any time I request something off the wall or odd I see the community response to having the content being made available. Do not be unrepresented, there is no need.

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I got a few request by DM regarding HandyControl but currently I see no problem here. If I don’t like the idea or the benefit vs. workload doesn’t match I reject. If I see potential then I can also invest a week to get something done so also other people benefit from it.

But since those people could also ask this on the forum I am ok with a rule that prohibits begging for free content by Private/Direct messages.

Regarding Trust Level 2 it’s ok for me if we leave it as it is. We could even open the doors and let people in without an account. Maybe that helps to get more active users over time. If the 1% rule is correct then the active members will double if we double the lurkers :wink:

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I’ve got my share of requests via DM, but it has not become an issue so far. When I’ve declined most have respected that. For that reason, I don’t need rules for unsolicited requests since I haven’t had issues with it. However, I’m not against it either. If it helps other fellow scripters/software creators or give moderators something to point at if a warning or even a ban is required, please go ahead.

Regarding all of the discussions here, I’m ok with what we have now. I think it is good that we require an account for accessing content in script and software sections, but it wouldn’t hurt to have somekind of open section as well for general discussions so that newcomers see more what the site is about before creating an account, something more than just a registration page with a minimal introduction. I believe that many leave sites that require a registration just to learn what is on the site. At least I think twice before proceeding in a situation like that. When I found RTS after buying a Launch, it was because I stumbled upon it by accident when I googled on how to solve connection issues. That way I learned about the whole scripting part and all the options instead of the crappy app that came with the Launch. If the entire site is closed, google and other search engines have a hard time indexing such. Maybe having the help section open without registration requirements?

BTW, I’m glad someone told about removing the text “attachment” from the script upload links so that I can actually see how many that download my scripts. Last fall I was wondering if there were only 20-30 people interesting in downloading the scripts I created since that was the number of likes videos got after a week or two, but it has turned out that only 15-20% press like when they download. The rest just download without clicking like or write a comment. I’m fine with that and I’m not expecting anything, but it’s always nice to read some feedback every now and then or chat a bit about the scene or the girl(s) in the scene.

This became a longer post that I intended. Sorry for the wall of text.


I never experienced any bad behavior via pm so far, but also never got requests via pm though. But still I am against a general rule not to pm creators and request something. If they are too pushy and unfriendly, there is a block option. I expect everybody to be old enough here and to maintain general social rules. If they are not able to maintain these rules, they can get blocked.

That’s exactly what I meant in my posts before. We shouldn’t exclude these people, it’s not their fault they are not active. I felt the same before. I didn’t feel comfortable talking about masturbation devices and porn videos and the scripts behind it. I am never someone who talks in a forum or discord or anything similar with social interaction. I am really bad at it and uncomfortable with it. But on here it’s a bit different. People are friendly and most importantly, there is no toxicity. Every other place in the internet has some kind of toxicity in it, that keeps me from interacting here. After a while I got over my anxiety and starting posting and creating. Never got any negativity, so I continued. The first step is the hardest. When you realize there is no need to worry in here, it’s fine.


I just tried googling “Handy funscript download” or “launch funscripts” and a few other things, and EroScripts doesn’t come up for any of them. Probably because Google doesn’t have an account, so it can’t see any of the site’s content!

Non-logged in users still wouldn’t be able to download files. One problem though is that it would become much more likely for studios to discover people sharing download/streaming links to their copyrighted content if EroScripts was more open.

Perhaps if the free scripts category was invisible to non-registered users that might be a good middle ground…

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That’s correct, in most cases people respect your choice but there were few situations were I was asked “so maybe this scene?” and then “maybe this one?” and when I stopped replying then I got DM-ed again the same message probably because of the thought that it didn’t got delivered. I’m ok with civil discussion about request in DMs but at some point enough is enough.

Can you actually block someone? If I recall correctly all I could see under messages was ‘flag the DM’.

Yes, that works.

You can also block pm’s in general.


Honestly never would have guessed it’s there. Thanks!

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I don’t really care for many rules, but I could see how it could help with the annoyance of requests directly in your inbox. Honestly, I ignore most DM requests and stick to picking ones from the script request category…like the name says… script requests.

If you are a content creator you are only going to get actual respect from a small segment of people here atm…probably around 10 percent. 20 likes, 200 downloads…those types of numbers. It makes it hard to know if what you created was good…especially for new users.

I think we just have to strive for a culture, on this forum, where users are engaged in what they are consuming are creating. It only improves content and should increase content too. I know a couple people that spammed me with DMs with requests back on RTS, and they had never shared, commented, or liked anything by anyone.

I usually don’t talk a lot about anything on here, but we don’t want to drive creators like @Husky out of the community because people like them are the backbone of EroScripts. Everyone likes the premium content, but free content is everywhere on this forum and we want to encourage that as much as possible.

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Also, everything is pretty anonymous on here when it comes to who we are. If you feel uncomfortable realize that the forum is full of people from all around the world that use masturbation devices to be happy in their lives. It’s the 2020s…There is no need to be ashamed of anything especially in this forum of likeminded users.


I’ve heard of at least 1 story where a person has been doxxed on rts unfortunately

First of all, I’m sorry to hear that people like @Husky have been harassed by messages. I understand that we may want his favorite video to be scripted but we must not abuse.

I understand that the lack of feedback or comment can be discouraging especially when you spend several hours on a script (sometimes tens of hours). That’s why I joined Realsync a few months ago when it was out of the question to sell my scripts in the first place. I was tired of seeing that the only comments talked about the link of the video that didn’t work or other problems.

But as some have said, I also understand that most people don’t want to discuss of that kind of thing. It’s porn :smile:

However, I am against this rule. I think that’s the best way to kill this community because the newcomers are going to get discouraged too fast and there’s no way they’re going to become new scripters. And we need new scripters :wink:

It’s just my opinion, but I hope it helps you take a decision

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I think harassed is too big of a word for this, annoyed by no shame of some people would be a better phrase for this.

I don’t think selling your scripts helps. Sure you are getting paid for what you do in your free time, I see how this might be encouraging, but I also think you are distancing yourself a little from big part of the community - not many people replies on paid scripts post. Then again I’ve never took a penny for my work so my opinion might be biased on this.

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You’re right sorry. English is not my mother tongue it’s a bit complicated for the nuances :smile:

It helps me know that people appreciate my work to the point of buying it and it motivates me to continue to make scripts for free too.

No reason to be sorry, I often lack some words too. Just wanted to clear it off so people won’t assume I was harassed in any way.

That’s great that it works for you and helps you keep balance between paid and free scripts. We need more people like you. But like I wrote, I never sold anything here so my opinion might be incorrect on this.

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