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Hidden script category for higher level users only?

Continued from this comment here

I dunno, I don’t love the idea, but I don’t make scripts. Scripters, feel free to discuss among yourselves.

Also here are the trust levels and requirements for reference Understanding Discourse Trust Levels


There are other forums that have similar areas. Basic content for the basic users and some higher quality content for the members. So the scripter can always decide where to post.

For example I could post a generated script from the Script Sequencer in the basic section and post the Script Sequencer template in the member section so the members can create their own variants of the scripts. At the moment I would not release my templates since I dont want that everyone can get them.

If I upload a mega file then I dont want that people just grab it and use up my bandwidth because they dont care about importing. You could limit that by posting it to the members section. People here do more care about this.

Getting to member level is quite easy so I don’t see a problem here. We are not hiding content, we would just request a little bit of effort to get it.

I am fine with any decision that will be made.


I really like the idea of getting people more involved in the community. But I’m not sure this is the best way to go about it. Browsing and downloading scripts is what brings people onboard, so removing that initial drawcard makes me think that some people will just end up leaving the site altogether, or visit less frequently.

Especially because people who aren’t familiar with discourse (I hadn’t used it before EroScripts) won’t know about trust levels - and if we’re talking about the people who can’t be bothered to leave a comment or a like, they’re definitely not going to be bothered doing the site tutorial or learning about trust levels and whatnot. So they may not even be aware that their lack of engagement is hiding a portion of scripts from them.

Unless there is some way to block downloads and have a little message “you must be trust level 2 to download Community Scripts (or whatever they should be called)”

I can imagine a situation where most scripts are restricted to TL2, which would mean that there wouldn’t be much reason for a new user to spend 60 minutes reading posts, read 100 topics, etc. etc.

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I agree with this mostly. Anything that would drive away newer users should be avoided but I would love to see more engagement from lurkers. It would enrich the entire community.


don’t think I saw any good way to restrict downloading based on trust level

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Then they are also not bothered to contribute in any way later.

You could release a preview script with reduced lenght in the free section and add a spoiler that the full script is available for members. So for example you limit your script always at 10 minutes no matter how long the video is. Short videos are released 100% and longer videos are cut at 10min. This way there are still enough scripts available and the long scripts which take more time to create are available to members only. There could be an export feature in the apps that do this automatically.

But if and where you set this preview border should be the decision of the scripter. Thats the same decision if he/she decides that only paying users have access to the script. It’s like having a third licence type in terms of metadata. Free, Paid, Preview.


Dont know if its a good idea.

What if most of the good scripts will be posted in this category in the future? New People to this forum will come, and see only bad or average scripts and will be gone without the chance to get the “good stuff” and maybe stay here, or maybe become scripters.

Of course i get the idea to commit the user stronger to this forum and create an active community out of it. But fresh blood is a big point for an active community. And if there is a hurdle the fresh blood will be scared away i think.


kinda an experience out of other forums… i’m a video-game-nerd… playing a lot, with many many mods added to the games, there were many mod-communitiy forums that dried out because the mods getting more and more exclusive and adding hurdles for new users to become worthy enough to download them.

I got your point, and youre right in a way, but i think the community will grow faster and become better in the future if everybody has access to everything… but it all depends on the solution anyways. I dont know about this board and its functions, is there even a way to make such restrictions? And if so… can new user see a message “you have to be trust level 2 to proceed” or something like that?


I don’t think you guys understand this is a place to post scripts for masturbation devices and share pornography most people will not go beyond basic account creation just based on that due to the content here.


I do understand why you came up with this idea and I agree with most arguments here. It’s nice and motivates you if you get feedback on a script and a lot of likes. It keeps you going and you know your time was valuable. Getting so many likes and so much positive feedback on my Eva Elfie script was a huge motivation for me to keep going and creating more scripts. On the other hand, getting low views and likes and pretty much no feedback on a script feels like I wasted my time and I feel like I didn’t make a good enough script or people just don’t like the video I chose. Then I get to think “Why am I even doing this?” It’s the human nature to want feedback on something you did. On our jobs we get money. On here the free scripters depend on other people’s feedback.

I would like to see more active users. That’s why I started with the polls. I wanted to involve the community more and make them engage. And I am quite happy with the results so far. I’d love to see more comments and likes on the threads. When I see the download numbers and views of my threads I always think “If you have the time to check on my thread and click the script download, you could have also leave like at least. It’s just one more click and it means a lot to me.” But I am trying to change my mindset a bit on these. I am thinking I am also doing it for me. I will use the script as well and I like the video. Nobody else would make it or not like I want it to be, so I do it myself. And mind as well, release it so other people can enjoy it as well.

But let’s be honest here. Which “fault” is it, that we strive for that feedback and that we feel disappointed, if you don’t get it? It’s our own fault. We expect people to engage and we get disappointed, if they don’t. We can’t expect them to be active. The more we expect, the more disappointed we get. I do understand why people aren’t active. They will have their reasons. Maybe they don’t have that much time on their hand, maybe they feel uncomfortable talking here. It’s ok, that they are not as active and we have to accept it. And I don’t know if denying scripts from them will help that. I think these users would feel like “second class users”. Yes, there are ton of scripts for them available for free to grab from. And if they don’t get some scripts here and there it won’t hurt too much. But it still has a bad taste for me.

I want to reach as many people as possible with my scripts. If they give me some feedback in any kind, I am happy and I appreciate it a lot. If they don’t it’s ok and I have to accept it. I don’t want to deny scripts from users, just because they are not active enough. They will have their reasons why. When I release a script, I will get some feedback anyway. Giving a script just for certain users won’t benefit anyone and would hurt the people, who are not in the “inner circle”.

Having an option to release a script just for certain users with certain trust level is fine with me. But it’s nothing I will do, like I explained above. I really understand, why the idea came up and I agree with the arguments behind it. I won’t judge anyone, who might want to do it. It’s your script. You put the work into you. You should decide, who will get it.

My thoughts on it and sorry for the wall of text :zipper_mouth_face:


First - I like this discussion. It was time to discuss it. :+1: :sunglasses:

From my site: I don’t like scroungers and people who take advantage of free communities to sell their stuff without giving something back.

At the moment I am stucked on this problem with my script archive website. On one site I like to give all the collected data to all users for free, on the other site there are the ungrateful scroungers.

I am looking forward in which direction this discussion will lead.

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One of the forums I use has a restriction that all you have to do is post on it to reveal the download link. As a new scripter, I just would like a little appreciation for the effort and feedback.

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To be honest I don’t care if someone has the “reputation” to see or download my scripts. If it was up to me, I would even make the forum public to make it more accessible to people that find it via google or elsewhere.

Understandable, but you won’t get any feedback if they have to comment BEFORE downloading.

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That is very true, it’s what I am currently going through right now. I am having to ask people in Tempest’s discord group to try out the multi axis stuff, which to be fair, not a lot of people own or can use. There isn’t really a way to make people return for a followup analysis, but the less people have to do, the more likely they will do it. Perhaps with a 1-10 button scale that just asks, how enjoyable was this script for an overall rating could be nice.


That will not help. That’s the same if you have to press the like button before you can download something. Those likes and thanks would mean nothing to me. I have seen forums where you have a topic and then 20 pages with posts that only contain “Thanks”.


I think all the different levels will likely cause more problems than they cure.
I think most of us know how Milovana membership works. I have no issues with that.
I think we somehow need to block bots and troll-bots like the RTS site would experience every so often. You know, page after page of gibberish typed as a reply to one after another entry.
Beyond that I don’t see much to gain.
I try to press like but find I have exited the post to quickly sometimes. But I appreciate all the work here.
I leave a message when something hits me directly. I usually don’t post simple “thanks”. I have returned to some threads and made a comment when the topic blew me away. Human nature is often fickle.


An internet Forum lives through its users. Like many of the other replying people above i see the potential of a multi level Membership with higher Areas …but i see the potential as rather negative then positive.

If we would install this principles here, soon there would be no new script in the “basic” membership area i assume. Everybody who steps by will eventually leave again and tell others that this is a dead place. Others who stay long enough to understand this multi-level membership will not necessarily contribute helpfull things but only spam the channels to reach the whatever goal of raisiing membership level.

So in the End i don´t think that it is helpfull. Yeah, there are people just stepping by, harvesting the downloadable stuff and leaving again. so what ? that is the net, let them…


I know it’s a bit off-topic now, but…

I feel like those :point_up_2: are really important statements here.
This dilemma keeps going through my mind often as well, especially when roaming these forums. Even though I’m personally still sorta holding out on creating & sharing scripts myself (…possibly even because of this exact dilemma).

The whole “like” social feature is such double-edged sword. If you look it up and read about the whole psychology behind it… how it messes with your dopamine reception and the way we perceive our own happiness - it’s just kinda sickening, tbh.
Giving and receiving gratefulness is such an essential human social trait - but “transferring” it anonymously via a button-click somehow negates it to some kind of general purpose commodity/currency (depending if you give or receive) which morphs the process of being grateful into a rather anti-social thing, if you catch my drift.
…You can tell it really weirds me out - Maybe I’ve just played too much Death Stranding, haha (shout out to that amazin game) - a future where “likes” are the only remaining currency.

Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is:
On the internet our regular value-system somehow just doesn’t work straight - It becomes kinda lifeless and surface-level only.
I just think that’s probably something important to keep in mind when discussing the member values of an online community.


It’s hard to communicate a full opinion and be concise! I feel like I didn’t transmit enough of what I feel about this in my other post.

Two Issues

I think there are two very separate issues being discussed in this thread. One is about community health, user participation, site growth, etc. The other seems to be about a lack of respect that lurking users have for content creators. Stuff like “it kinda feels like if majority don’t give a damn about me why should I care about them” (that post has been deleted now).

I think that the first topic is very valid and worth discussing - encouraging users to be more active and create scripts of their own helps to grow and strengthen the community, making the entire thing more enjoyable and productive for everybody. I don’t think that the second topic is valid or worth discussing.

Internet Culture

I’m pretty new to scripting, but I’ve spent basically my entire adult working life creating free stuff for the internet because I enjoy it. The internet operates according to the 1% rule - that for online communities, 1% of the users create 99% of the content. Smaller, newer communities tend to have a higher creator:consumer ratio, but as the community grows, we should expect to see a higher proportion of lurkers and consumers, rather than a lower proportion. A related concept is The Eternal September, which refers to how the beautiful core of online communities tends not to survive mainstream adoption.

This is why sites like YouTube and PornHub make views their primary metric of a piece of content’s success. Engagement is very variable, and generally limited to a small subset of engaged users, but views are universally applicable to core community members and the “99%” alike.

It’s our job as the early community members to foster an environment and culture that encourages participation, but ultimately (and especially due to the adult nature of the site) you can’t force people to participate in an online community. If you do, they will simply go and get their content elsewhere - this is how we could end up with siterip torrents where people can download thousands of scripts in a .zip file and never even come to the site at all. It’s possible to create gated online communities like private torrent sites and whatnot, but these exist explicitly to limit growth for privacy, secrecy or legal reasons.

The Loss of a Leader

I think most people in this thread have been discussing site/community health and engagement. Husky was talking about respect. Which I think is why he bailed from this really productive discussion and has deleted all his posts and scripts - everyone’s been talking about solutions to a different problem from what he’s actually upset about. It’s obviously his decision to make, but ultimately removing all of his great work from the site only harms it, which is a huge shame. He was talking about making an OpenFunScripter video tutorial, which I also assume he isn’t going to make now. :frowning:

It sucks because I’m sure he enjoys scripting, otherwise he wouldn’t have made so many great scripts. I suspect he began to feel pressure to keep scripting due to his reputation, and slowly that pressure turned to resentment - he probably just needed to take an extended break from scripting for others to remind himself why he got started in the first place…

I’m hopeful that he’ll get the break that he probably needed now and will come back one day soon!


Does anyone else feel like the scripts that are behind a paywall are similar to what we are talking about? It feels like that is the next step up from what we offer as being members to this site. I have no problem with people wanting to get paid for their work, they have a right to do such, I just know that my scripting is not up to that standard yet. However, people have to jump to another site to take advantage of it but are piggybacking off the eros website. I just found this site called script axis the other day and I have noticed a few of my files are being posted there. I know it routes back to eroscripts but I am sure the owner of the site gets something out of it. Advertisement revenue potential?

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