Hismith Synchronization

Hi all. Did anyone try to synchronize a Hismith? Mobile Integration is possible… best wishes

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I haven’t seen anything that syncs with a piston mechanism. I have tested out a few things with vibrators that sync with the music and the metronome beat queue on some cock heroes.

According to buttplug.io’s database IoST Index, its unsupported.
But the website does say that support is on its way:
“Support coming soon for brands like The Handy and Hismith Fucking Machines” Buttplug Sex Toy Control Project.
So i’d keep an eye on the github

Hismith machines have the problem of only doing one lenght of stroke/penetration (as far as i know none of the hismith models has an automated lenght adjustment) which is a pity for women (or men that like strapon/shemale/gay porn) as these types of machines are the only decent ones for penetration).
The app is not really made for synchronisation (except for metronome vids). Unless you want a script that changes pace every few seconds. But maybe someday someone might write an app that can connect to their machines and read funscripts and also convert all the short strokes into full ones

Oh i just read nodude’s reply Gooo buttplug. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, the problem with most fucking machines like the husmith is they’re direct drive from the motor as opposed to a servo motor with a spindle that controls depth. I actually design and build fucking machines and the servo motors just aren’t powerful or fast enough to keep up with a funscript. It’ll be a while until the physical components catch up to the software when it comes to machines.

Just out of curiosity… anyone know what the Shockspot uses?

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