HMV/PMV side by side video library

Hey guys I purchased a 2d-3d video converter to make our normal ass videos have some depth to them. This conversion will work with VR headsets(only 3d not actual VR) or google cardboard like devices.

I’m currently converting my entire library over to 3D. This will take some time because I’m converting them all over to max Depth first. After watching each one and adjusting depth as required I’ll upload them.

So far my tests have been pretty awesome. I’m using whirligig with my oculus in the side by side mode.

I’ll have a link by the end of the week to a Mega Folder in an edited version of this post.

If you have any conversion requests for HMV’s/PMV’s, please post them in this thread or post them in requests and tag me.

If you have a request for a non-HMV/PMV, shoot me a PM and I’ll have a look.


Anything in here would be great!

I’ll put that on my list. Currently I’m still trying to work out the optimal settings. Tests so far have been AWESOME. I can’t wait to pair it with scripted vids.

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Here is some of my tests. Watch them in whirligig side by side mode. You may need to adjust the spacing between the two halves in that same menu to fit your eyes best. Additionally you can play wit stretching the screen from 100-125%. I wouldn’t go any wider than that.