Honest review about the Syncbot

Hi here!
So… I hope I selected the good category, it’s not yet compatible with eroscript stuff (even if they release the Fun2Sync)

There is a “new” autostroker on the market that I tryed and I made a review on it.
Unlike the Keon, it have more dimension than just stroking, it can sucks and twists.
Like FeelMe AI, they have a browser app to make your online video goes into synchronized porn.

The purpose, for the offline version, is to make any video interactive without having to script anything.
It’s still a work in progress but for studio video, it’s pretty nice.

The catch is that this device is quite pricey…

If you want to read more, my review is here : https://blog.paparenard.online/en/syncbot


Thank you for the informative and thorough review.

Did the developers mention the predicted lifespan of the Scabbard? There seems to be a lot of kinetic movement that would accelerate breakdown–at least when compared with other devices’ sleeve use.


Aaaaa I’m gonna take one for the team and buy one next week. They got me at “cum button” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :drooling_face:


Eh… something doesn’t add up here. You’ve been a member here for a year, you review sex toys on your blog, and you’re only JUST making a post now. This appears well-written, but I’m not convinced you’re being as honest as you claim.

Did you PAY for this device? Your blog says they “provided” one for you…


Thanks for this review! I was very curious about it and after seeing your other reviews, I know that you are a trustworthy source for these reviews.

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You’re welcome, I enjoy doing these reviews ^^

I didn’t had an answer so I asked them…
Official answer is
Last from 2-6 months, also depending on the maintenance and frequency of usage.

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Good morning sir,

“cum button” is not yet implemented but should be really soon.
It should be in the release they wanted to do this week.

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Thanks for asking :pray:

Yeah I registered myself here a year ago because I tryed to get a way to use differently my Keon but at this moment, downloading porn to use it with script (with my countryside connection) wasn’t a good idea.

No, I wasn’t paid for that.
I’d like to and maybe later I’ll charge something to company for writing a review because it’s something that some reviewer are doing (and even independent reviewer like the alliance of independant sex toy tester)
But even if later on I agree with a company on a fee to write a review, it’s gonna be an independant review and if the products sucks, I’ll tell it and that’s all.
Look at my reviews on the Hundoo or the FeelStroker Butt, I didn’t like them and told so.

Actually, it takes me a lot of time but as a hobby, it’s OK for now.
And you’re right, I got it for free. I didn’t spent money but I spent like a dozen of hours to write it ^^.
My blog is only up since end of June, before that all reviews where done in reddit only. The ones that you can read before that date have all an header telling that it’s a rewrote of reddit review and the content is slightly different, updates.

That’s right that when I have affiliated link, I have a gain on what’s selled through specific links, I talk about that in my discloser policy.

Before yesterday, I never thought that people here could be interested in my reviews so I never posted any.

I hope that answers to your worries and that you’ll find me in a better light, if not, that’s ok I’m good with what I’m doing ^^

Thanks Waffles!
Nice to see you here too :+1:

I appreciate the transparency. I still don’t think the device is for me, but thank you.

I went out on a limb to grab the SyncBot after some reading. I would have liked to compare it to the Keon. Unfortunately, my SyncPlayer doesn’t work at all- making the product all but an expensive paperweight. I reinstalled it several times from the included Hub as well as the site, analyzed videos that seem to have content recognized, but nothing. All the “readouts” on the bottom-left of the syncplayer show gray instead of white, leading me to believe the Hub just fails to be recognized by the SyncPlayer.
I’d recommend giving it a pass until the issues are worked out, and I will update this if I manage to figure out the problem. Such a bummer!

You should have blue instead of grey :thinking:
Few things I can suggest.
Joining their discord in order to have help on it or mailing them, their support servicf is quite quick to answer.
Trying either SyncBrowser or SyncFree in order to see if the issue is with the product or the app.

Try charging the Syncbot and bring it close to the dongle while you do. See if that helps.

I appreciate you trying to help the poor guy out with his problem.

ANY company that does TechSupport through discord (used in a corporate setting is ONLY for data collection)… bascially says FU to their customers.

Hard pass until they set up a dedicated tech support without discord and have a proper website. Its their product, they should support it properly. Cant even access their website because they use too much data tracking (ublock origin hammers 19 trackers and privacy badger 12, and the site doesnt load.) which just reiterates my point about them more interested in data than support.


They have tech support through their website (mail) reddit and discord.

I do appreciate the attempted assistance! Still sort of stuck here. I joined the discord today in hopes of getting it fixed, but no response from the company site. Fingers crossed but certainly could stand to be smoother.
To clarify on the problem: SyncFree does work on it, and it does connect to the hub (it moves once when plugged it, and stays lit with a white light for a while. The app seems to be the issue as it doesn’t recognize the link or hub or something.Unplugged my mouse, headset, and BT modules to see if there was interference and that didn’t seem to change anything. Even reinstalled the app from the company link (instead of the hub) on a new drive.

Hey, where are you finding the “reverse” button as you put it in your review or all these sliders you guys are talking about? Thanks!

You may have read it in another review.
I never talked about it in my review.

It’s something users talked about in discord as they li’ed to get such a button. They may have add it since… Because the SyncBrowser and SyncPlayer had a lot of update since my review but I’m not using the last version so I can’t say.

i would have liked to have this but now seeing all this im glad i did not buy it the handy sounds way better


I’m glad that it helped you to make a choice.
Still, for me, the Handy is way behind (but way cheaper too).
Putting aside the fact that it have only one dimension, I dislike the fact that the sleeve of the Handy is on the side of the stroker.
It feels unnatural to me.

But I also made a review on the Handy if you want : https://foxypleasurereviews.com/the-handy-en