Hosting videos with scripts to play on quest 2? How loo

Ok. So I have ofs installed on my laptop and a few VR videos to start playing with. But my video card on the laptop won’t handle connecting to the quest 2 so 8 need options to test and play with my scrupts. Is there a good free video server I can use to actually open these lol. Can I just put my video and scripts on the server in a folder and just stream it that way on deovr on the quest via ip, or what do I have to do lol. I’m digging thru tons of posts but don’t see what I’m looking for

I use XBVR to stream to HereSphere on a Quest 2.


This is the answer. Side load heresphere onto Quest 2 and configure XBVR on some computer on your network that has access to your videos.

I’m using a network drive and Pigasus. Pigasus is a VR video player available in the Meta Quest store and it has native support for funscript and The Handy. Works very good, no additional hardware or tools required. :slight_smile:

But I don’t know HereSphere, and don’t know if it has advantages.

How does the handy or keon sync with the video on the quest? Right now I have to use my phone with haptics connect for it to work

You input your the Handy key in HereSphere or Pigasus and press connect. No additional things needed.

Same with the Keon, pair it in HereSphere on the Quest 2.
No additional software needed.

If using XBVR you might need to extract the funscripts from XBVR to the Interactive folder on the Quest 2.

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