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How Can I Extract the .ott File from Old RealTouch Videos?

I have a bunch of videos made for the RealTouch device but I no longer have many of the script files for them anymore. I don’t even have the PC they were made on anymore since it was sadly lost in a flood among many other things. Everything I have now just happened to be saved into a google drive folder. As a reminder to anyone that used to have a RealTouch, the .ott scripts were embedded into the .wmv file and then played only on Windows Media Player. Anyone have any idea how to get those script files out? I tried downloading onetouch scripter but everytime I try to open it I get a Java runtime error. When separated the .ott script files can be played with ScriptPlayer. It’s not perfect but better it’s than I expected and at the very least it’s a great starting point for rescripting those videos. I’ll post the script files I still have, but I would like to be able to get my “lost” scripts back and then make one large post with everything.

If anyone has any input on this problem I would be extremely grateful.

Any ideas or does no one even know what I’m talking about?