How Can I Script From .funscript File?

I apologize in advance if answers to this are on here and I just couldn’t find them.

I’ve began learning how to script and have been using OSF. I wanted to know how to load a .funscript file into there to edit if I don’t have the original .ofsp file, like if I accidentally deleted one I saved or want to look at and edit from someone else’s that they posted here in order to see what they do? Since if you try and open the .funscript file you get an error since I’m guessing it’s not meant to load those exactly. Thanks for any info and help!

You don’t need the ofsp file. You need in OSF the video and the matching funscript. Both has to be named exactly the same. Then you could load both into OSF and have fun with it. To safe it as funscript again you do an export. Save or save as always saves the osfp or project file.
Have fun with it :wink:


Thank you very much!

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