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How can we make this community more welcoming to new scripters?

So far, two people have shared that they felt ‘put off’ by the fact that they’re newer scripters in comparison to the ‘pro/paid’ scripters on RealSync. I highly doubt that this is any paid scripters’ intention and I think this is a big opportunity for us to improve our community.

How might we make this place feel more welcoming/encouraging/supporting to new scripters?
How might we make the difference between ‘amateur’ and ‘pro’ scripters not feel off putting?

I’d love to get everyone’s thoughts on this.


Something like a sharing system would be great, where uploaders get points for likes or download counts or script length. This points can then be used to get some discount on paid scripts. I think that would increase the motivation of new scripters considerably. But I don’t know how that could be implemented in detail.

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I would say; beat down hard on toxicity.
Maybe add some required tags to paid script post.
Like: “thirdpartysite”, “membership required” etc.

I’m relatively new to this scene, only been around the past year maybe and only been a lurker at rts. All I know about the drama at rts is a post I read about it a few days ago. I never buy scripts or porn, and I never will, because it’s so much available for free.

I can, however, respect the hussle to sell both scripts and porn. If you make a service someone else want, why not make some money on it? Personally I’m not interested in selling scripts, because I doubt it would even be visible in my bank account. I mean, how big could that market be at the moment, considering all the free stuff and that the launch/handy is still a niche product.

Yesterday was my first ever upload, and the reason I choose to upload was that I want this site to grow and easy editing of the post. I’ve been looking for a long time for a new site other than rts, because sometimes it seems to be dying down. If this site is supposed to replace rts, then we have to live side by side with free and paid scripts. Even though I wish there where separate sites, but I do think that would hurt the paid scene more than the free.


A video tutorial with tips for basic scripting like 10 mins vidéo.


Unsure if/how to do this from a technical standpoint. But it could be done in a non-tech way.
@Realcumber any thoughts on this idea?

I totally agree that toxic behavior should not be allowed. Those posts you’re mentioning on RTS were an example of that. That said, I don’t really recall much toxicity outside of that. It seems more to me like lack of engagement or hesitancy to script/share.

I think a super approachable tutorial on getting started would be really helpful. It could be a video or it could just be a well written article.
That said, I’m not a scripter myself. Is any scripter out there willing to take a stab at this?

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Good discussion here guys

We already have a points/coin sharing system at SLR/RS where scripts a vendor makes earns points that can then be traded for other scripts for free.

We could extend that same system in place here at Eroscripts where non-vendors can get free or at least discounts on commercial scripts and I think can be a great idea actually - but it can be quite time consuming as scripts will need to be individually itemized and also checked for ‘reasonable, non-rushed’ quality to avoid scripts rushed out just to get points, but something to consider nonetheless


Yes, that’s a problem. What if free scripters could join JFC if they want and all others can give them directly as much coins as they want for a free script and commercial scripts can be exchanged in the same way as we do now? I think, i would spend some of my coins if i liked the free script.

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This is something what I am missing. I can create a script but don’t know the secrets to improve it. Maybe someone can share his tricks to make a good script even better.

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This seems like a common issue where someone posts a new script and asks for feedback. They rarely get any actual feedback. It seems hard to get better outside of just scripting more.

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@hugecat Is there a way to implement a ‘friendly’ script feedback rating system? where users can just click a rating, for purely constructive criticism?

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Yes, getting JFC coins into hands of Eroscripts users can be really good idea like u mention, I think a script rating system would really help too minimize work/easier highlight great work and help improve scripting and more script creation

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Looks like there is a plugin already made for rating. We can pilot this.

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I have one suggestion…

I just tried posting a script in response to a request, but I can’t because I’m a new user.

So in answer to the question “How can we make this community more welcoming to new scripters?”, I would probably say “Let them post scripts” as a good start.

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hey @megamasha sorry you ran into that issue. That’s part of this forum software’s trust level and anti-spam features. I’ve lifted the restriction to add attachments for new users just now, though you may still run into some other limitations.

Graduating from a new (level 0) user isn’t terribly difficult. You need to:

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

You can read more about this system here Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog


Regarding the rating plugin, for whatever reason there’s a bug in it that doesn’t let you turn it on. I will check back on this later.


On RTS, having an easy way to give props via thumbsup was fun.

(Maybe some more lite things like that to get more members involved)

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for this, there’s already the heart icon on each post you can use


Ah true but I prefer a thumbs up =P

(Keep up the awesome work!)

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I also like the thumbs up more than the heart, because i can see who gave it


@HeelsLover69 Click on the dots and you’ll see who liked it too :stuck_out_tongue: