How do i get scripts made from OFS to play in DeoVR on my Quest 2?

I’ve got the script and the video in the “Interactive” folder on my quest 2 and they both have the same name, but when i load the video from DeoVR the script doesn’t seem to load, there’s no button for the haptics.

You don’t mention which device you use.

Try and see if Heresphere or Whirligig works better. I don’t know the requirements for DeoVR. There were a lot of discussions regarding SLR account requirements for haptics before. Since I’m not affected by it I haven’t kept track of the details.

There are some general guidance on setting up VR for script here:

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Avoid special characters in the filename like _-. You need a SLR sub to view local scripts in deovr on the Quest. You can also use Pigasus or Heresphere, but those are both one time costs

Ok thank you, I’ll look into that.

I have an SLR account and previously I was able to play scripts that I made with the JFC so long as they were in the same folder as the video with the same name, but recently I decided to switch to the OFS and that method stopped working. The only difference I could see was that the scripts from OFS were labeled .ofsp file type whereas the scripts from JFC were .funscript

Oh i think i might have just found the answer on an older post here. i was just copying/pasting my saved script, which was .ofsp file type, but in order to turn it into a .funscript i had to “Export” it.

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