How do I get started scripting for VR?

Ok I got my printer picked out and want to get started making my own scripts. Im 100% new and have no clue what im doing. I already have a keon but im building a sr6 and will be coding both for use in VR in a few months.

So where do I begin?

What’s the best program for me to use? I saw a post on the how toos for a free script creator (I forget the name of it lol). But is it the best tool to use for multi axis scripts and is there something out there more dummy proof?

What would be the best/easiest tool to use if not the free script creator?

You have several threads about learning to script in the how-to section, both written and videos depending on what you prefer.

Although I don’t have any statistics I believe OpenFunScripter is the most common tool to create scripts and it is available in the software section of this forum. It has been developed on Windows, but there are packages for Linux too. Some members have recently been trying to compile the source code to create a version compatible with MacOS as well, but I don’t know if they have been entirely successful.

Check out this tutorial, already seen some good feedback about it

And when you get a hang of it, we would be happy to invite you to our SLR scripting community

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