What does it take to get you scripting?

We are often p̶u̶s̶h̶e̶d asked recently to have more scripts on SexLikeReal.com as we add many more new videos than current SLR scripting community can script. Curious what does it take to get you guys scripting for us.

We are doing our best to make things work with:

  1. Offering sustainable business for creators like never before (legal entity requirement is a setback for some). You can earn thousands of dollars monthly scripting once you build a portfolio of popular videos scripts. Also paying $500/script for those without legal entity.
  2. Making tutorial for those trying to script and providing all needed support to get you up and running.
  3. Proceeding with user submitted scripts requiring no legal entity. Hopefully we can get it up and running by September where everyone will be able to upload scripts and share these with community (or use privately).
  4. Offering more tools for craft script creators to streamline the process and make things easier. “Same day script” feature is coming soon when creators will be able to access Upcoming videos to get them scripted on the day of release.
  5. Releasing “Request script” button soon for every unscripted video. Perfectly we want to upgrade it with a tip option so the one who creates script gets the money right away.
  6. We can probably start offering Pico4/Quest 2+Handy+SLR sub starter script creator pack for qualified creators (legal entity required).
  7. Proceeding with AI script automation. The next greatly upgraded batch is expected by the end of the year.
  8. Bringing an influx of flat videos, releasing iOS and Android apps, and making it work with scripts. Will also accept scripts for flat videos.
  9. Releasing first Multi-Axis scripts on SLR in the next few weeks.
  10. Create PMVs, compilations and CG backgrounds for passthrough videos.

As the company is officially transformed into VR+Haptics we will start to actively promoting Handies to our users expanding the market even further.

Let me know what it takes to get you scripting for SexLikeReal.

Contact scripts@sexlikereal.com or @Kieshi to get you all set.


I’m completely willing, just waiting for QA haha, I’d be completely dedicated to working full time to get all SLR originals, even older ones, a matching funscript ! =)

I think a good idea would be to reward people for bringing in new creators, maybe.
Word of mouth is and will always be a powerful tool to draw attention

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Make a program where we can pay $250 to split the cost with you, but we get to pick the vid lol.


Sounds interesting. Can you explain legal entity requirement

it’s coming :+1:

Having sole proprietor, LLC or similar. We have to sign a contract with a legal entity.

Im thinking on my head that being a scriptor could potentially be a job in the future. However, I think there must be ways that you must enable the scriptor to allow them to see the prospect.

If i were to choose to be a full time scriptor :slight_smile:
-How do I address to others in regards to my job.
-How long can I keep scripting?

  • Are there any incentives as a scriptor like (club benefits , insurance , Health , etc)
  • We are trying to earn a living here as well as scripting our favourite videos to enjoy to.
  • Can I consistently push out scripts without being burnt out …
  • Are there enough mentorships for new members ?

Honestly, if the pay is well enough , I wont even mind quitting my job to do this! But I am indeed very fearful of what I can put / transfer if I ever change my job. :slight_smile:

I’d love to try my hand at scripting since I’ve got a fair share of free time, but I’m concerned about potential copyright issues and I don’t know which source material would be suitable for a general audience.

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You can make significant money over time as independent contractor. You can choose any video on SLR to script and there are no limitations how much you can script as long as it passes our QA.

The economy is greatly growing as we keep pushing sex toys and making your script work with every device out there.

We give script creators explicit right to script any SLR video to be distributed on SLR. You have nothing to worry from that perspective.

@doublevr would you Pm me a copy of the QandA plzz

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I have sent you a message in PM :slight_smile:

this is a less “direct” incentive, however, have you ever considered adding a tab for new scripts ?
As in, a tab that specifically highlights videos that just had a script added to them, even if the video itself came out last year, for example.

This way, it is more likely for scripters to go for old-but-gold type content while also potentially boosting sales in general by more actively highlighting the existence of funscripts, a feature that may or may not introduce new SLR customers into the concept of automatic strokers and cause more business as a whole. (more people convinced to buy strokers out of a wish to experience VR Porn even more intensely due to a constant reminder that content is constantly being made for it, more people buying / viewing new scripts for old content and more scripters going through the backlog instead of focusing entirely on new videos.)

Just feels like a good idea as a consumer myself who only got introduced to strokers because I randomly read the word “funscript”.

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This already exists on SLR, tap on “Interactive Scripts” in the sidebar, then “New” and it’s sorted by script release date, not video release date.


For fun, I did enjoy making detailed scripts using my mouse manually.
But every time I try a real cucumber script, he got the best attention to detail. which demotivates me from continuing a script.

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