How do I keep my internet browsing private?

I recently switched back to Comcast and I know they have some strict rules around Torrents. I signed up for a keep2share account, but I’m not sure if they will flag that activity also. Anyone have a good VPN recommendation to keep my internet browsing private so I don’t get a nasty letter in my mailbox?

ExpressVPN is the only VPN I trust because they successfully were subpoenaed by the Turkish government and no data was retrieved.

If it helps, I’m a Security Operations engineer by trade so I’m very picky with what I trust.


Thanks, actually that does make me feel better haha. Appreciate the quick response.

Any special tweaks or config changes you would recommend?

I use Mullvad VPN, highly recommended and its no matter what just 5 euro a month with 0 commitments.

They are based in Sweden and also comes with a desktop app you can easily turn on, stuff like built in Kill-Switch and etc can be found on their site. It pretty much does it all for you (after you login and have selected a location to be in)

I’ve been using it for half a year after my ISP kept sending me notices, no longer get them ever. It’s very good for torrenting.

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No additional configurations are really necessary.
Out of the box EVPN has split-tunneling, kill-switch, webrtc protection, TOR node options, etc.

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Try to get on private trackers. I’ve had Comcast for over 12 years and I’ve only received two notices. Both times I was on public torrent sites. Nothing came of either notice.

I have Norton anti-virus and it comes with a free VPN. I’ve never used it, though.

I use … it has full VPN and encrypted SOCKS5 proxy setup. I use the SOCKS5 proxy for torrents as it’s much faster. If They ever did deep packet inspection the SOCKS5 wouldn’t protect me for Torrents, but they don’t I have never gotten a notice on the SOCKS5 (I had it off on a bugged upgrade once, got 2 notices immediately).

I use the VPN for other private browsing activities, but I don’t have it on 100% of the time, maybe some day I’ll move to an always on setup.

Mozilla (who make Firefox, of course – the only major not-for-profit browser), have their own VPN now. Might want to try that. I’m with ExpressVPN, personally. It’s difficult to trust any of them, frankly, but it’s another layer of defense, if only because anyone who can access it has to show their hand.