How do you guys keep from getting discouraged on longer-ish scripts?

As the title says, Im doing a 30 minute one rn that has alot of parts where you cant see the action (Zooms in on her feet, face that kind of thing) I have 8 minutes left roughly on it and ive been dragging my heels on it. Ive taken many breaks and return to make like 6 more points then give up for the day on it.
Hell, I even edited the entire script over again because i dont want to do the harder parts.

maybe its time to put it on the shelf and do a different script.

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Put on a music/video/movie/podcast on the side, my dude. At the end of the day, us scripters are spending 1-8 hours working on something that’ll just get us off in ~2-10 minutes, sort of a waste of time to completely focus on porn and teledildonics if you’re not making any money/positive gain from it, no? Time to multitask and find some other passive thing to do as well.

I’ve personally just been curating music playlists and/or putting some random aesthetical youtube videos and saving them for later video editing purposes.

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This is why I almost always try to script videos that doesn’t change angles too often unless I really want to make a script for the scene - it’s just much better experience. If the camera is shaking a lot then it’s even worse.

If I feel like I’m not gonna end script anytime soon I just leave it as it is and move to different video, I have wip folder on my drive full of 5-10 minutes scripts that maybe I will get around to finish at some point, but for now whatever - I’m not gonna touch them.


Something I realize when I play back my own scripts is like…a lot of the detail and accuracy really doesn’t matter so much.

Like, when going through it frame by frame, or watching it back analyzing for accuracy, being off by a few frames seems horrible. But when you’re actually using the script, and the Handy is 50ms out of sync anyway and you’re trying your best not to cum, being off barely registers.

So I’d suggest just going through all the sections where you can’t see the dick and play it back at 50% speed, just pressing the top and bottom to vaguely match the strokes.
Do it in one take and leave it at that.
Nobody will be able to tell if the camera is zoomed on the face or feet or whatever.

Then you can get back to the fun parts :smiley:

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What defucilis said, I like to go through the video at like 20-50% speed and just mark the top points, do the same for bottom points. After that I go through and clean it up. I’ll do this for sections at a time, not the full video, and use those to pace it out. You could even do this by breaking down for 60 second intervals and do it.

Also makes it easy to do just 1 minute at a time every day or ever session you spend scripting. I would do this with 1 long scene while working on smaller scenes or just playing a game in between.