How do you guys prevent the aching feeling after a session?

Do any of you guys have the sore feeling after going at it? I don’t get this soreness at times but more often than not the stick feels sore and achy for at least a couple of hours. Similar to what you would feel after a heavy workout. Any tips on minimizing this? I do find that using softer sleeves helps but not a guaranteed solution.

Edit: I should clarify that there isn’t pain and neither is it intense but just regular soreness. Or rather mild soreness is the more accurate description. And thanks for the tips!


I don´t have the feeling in general, at least not as long as it isn´t a 30+ minutes session which is rare and not that recommended I think.
The problem most likely is the skin being irritated due to the large amount of friction+the added dryness of washing etc. Since I have skinissues in general I use a lotion after washing myself that helps with that and while not that common further reduced the “soreness” as you called it. Some of the hydrating, mild stuff for sensitive skin, in optimum cases some stuff you get in those drugstorelike thingies (here it´s called “drogerie”, it´s not a full on pharmacy but carries a lot of healthrelated stuff)
Just use it after a session to keep your stick soft and…moist (? XD) and help with repairing the damage you did.
And overall don´t overdo it. If you feel sore too often it´s also possible that this might turn into various forms of inflammation due to the heavy friction or due to removal of the protective film of your skin caused by constant cleaning which is a heck of a hassle to properly get rid of afterwards
Hope this helps at least a bit^^

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That’s sounds not great. The only advice I can think to give is to loosen the tightness on the sleeve, and to make sure to properly lubricate it.

I think I’ve had similar feelings, but only when using a ring, so that’s why I think the tightness might be the issue.

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Can’t say I’ve experienced this, what sleeve and lube are you using?

If this happens due to climax regardless of method you might want to see your doc


Condom. It’ll make it take longer, but you won’t get a friction burn after it. If you’re aching as in just sore, well… time to give the old boy a rest and possibly lower max speed on your device.


Loose and or mild sleeves. I have the aches when i use tighter sleeves. I mostly use fit, toymeetsworld, exotica, tornado, savage, caliente, alien, and so on. I feel pain when i use squirt, lush, obsession, and so on. Some sleeves feel better than others. For onaholes, i find using soft materials are better. The firmer ones give me pain. I love using the meiki ozawa along with the onahole attachment on osr.


Forgot to add. Lube as well. I like using thick lube. X-lube is amazing but can be messy. I use thick lube and reactivate it by spraying a bit of water. Reduced friction related injury by a lot.


If sore skin, then more lube, or different lube (maybe you’re sensitive to some ingredient of your current lube).
If sore ‘inside’, then (as people have said), less tightness - or maybe shorter sessions, or try to find a more comfortable angle.
As evins said - if your dick is always sore after a session no matter what, you need to go to a doctor.


Hey man, you should really see your doctor about this. I don’t have this issue, and none of the guys in my group do either.

Whether it ends up as a serious problem or not, it’s good to get professional confirmation rather than advice from us randos.

Best of luck! Hopefully it all ends up okay for you. :slight_smile:


use Bepanthen creme. it helps alot. seals the wounds and stops the aching.
i use it after a long Nobra Twincharger session. my dick gets sore too and achy because the Nobra rips my skin. i do use some Cobeco Male Butter lube every once in a while when its starting to hurt. but still

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Sorry that your experiencing some discomfort. If you are experiencing discomfort/pain enough to discuss it openly then I would say your best course of action is to see a healthcare professional. Urogenital complications are so vast in depth that it has its own specialty.

In the meantime see if the soreness is present without the use of any toy, device, and or accessory. Your healthcare professional will most likely ask for that and it’s best to always be prepared. If not present without any peripherals consider temporarily discontinuing the use of toys+extras until you get it checked out.

Also, be upfront IF you are using any erectile related medications it really can sway medical judgement and prolong a verdict for your issue (I say this because I have noticed a lot of young adults with prescriptions to Roman/Hims when there are underlying factors that are the root of their ED).

Keep in mind it could be nothing or something minor but why risk a catastrophe when a simple check can give you peace of mind.


I’m considering long sessions to be one of the factors, and it seems edging might be another. Probably should cut down on the duration as you mentioned.

Water based lube that you get for onaholes, I would usually go for low priced ones, which usually isn’t that low if you consider price/ml. I’m still new to using sleeves but would experience this when using harder onaholes. The last time I experience more than a mild soreness was using the mouth of truth peronin, threw that away after a couple of tries.

Fortunately it doesn’t to be from that, I would definitely have it checked if it is the case, thanks.

Yeah probably shld go for milder scripts and rest, thanks.

@hifushvu012 ifushvu
I would usually use water based lube that isn’t too thick. I used to buy relatively cheap lubes but have found one that seems to do the trick, onatsuyu is the name. I realized soft sleeves are for me, so I’ve been exclusively buying those. Do you have any other recommendations for light weigh(< 500 grams), soft onaholes for use with the handy?
I have tomax real very soft, puni virgin excite 1000 and tomax lilith uterus(works well with the handy) that I really like due to their softness.

It seems to be a combination of both in and out, would be cutting session duration, intensity and using softer sleeves since I prefer it anyway as I recently have discovered. Fortunately it doesn’t seem to be serious enough to warrant a doctor visit lol.

Fortunately it doesn’t seem to be the case lol. I would definitely have it checked if thrs pain or extreme discomfort. Thanks!

I’ll check those out thanks for the recommendations!

I might be more open to discussing personal issues like this probably due to the anonymity of the internet than I would in real life. I was curious if anyone experienced such issues themselves and if it isn’t then it might have been as others and yourself have suggested, to seek medical help.
But I’m just having occasional mild soreness/discomfort that goes away after a while. I probably shld have worded my post more accurately lol.
Thanks for the advice, really appreciate it!

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Sounds like it might be the result of using harder sleeves - would suggest getting a softer sleeve for regular/longer sessions once you’re able to do so, with harder sleeves for use in moderation.
Hope you manage to resolve this issue :slight_smile:

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Probably too tight and maybe you are using the toy too often. I deal with soreness here and there but most often than not, its due to long, tight sessions or running out of lube for too long. What I did to fix the lube issue is by the equate jelly and added some water to it to thin it out a little and heaven. Trying a new lube soon homemade, I’ll let you know how it works out.

Outside of calling a doctor, maybe loosen the strap (which you should do just to lengthen the life of the motor of the The Handy I’m assuming) and switch to lotion instead of lube. You’ll have to by a new sleeve a little more often, but is much better on the skin and cleanup is the same if not healthier.
If you have increased your session in any way (length of session time, intensity of blood pressure upon erection [because holy fuck this thing is awesome] or increased sessions overall) from before The Handy came (pun intended) and showed you what you have been missing since birth, then pay attention to the length of time when it happens and if it gets shorter each time then it might be just acclimatizing or you need to reduce one of the factors from above. If the same every time then make the call, you might be slightly allergic to the sleeve material or the lube or have a blood flow problems that are a medical ‘Canary in the coalmine’. I have gotten sore from increased session time and session count and had to baby step my way up to 19 hour sessions a 167 times a day. I know I’m breaking the laws of physics but at least with The Handy… I can finally turn a doorknob handle when I am done.


Tightness is definitely one cause and is making gravitate me towards softer sleeves. Probably is as you said, tight, long sessions. Lube might be another reason. I’m still not able to get right amt of lube to use for the balance of feeling the textures of the sleeve versus being a well oiled piece of piston in a steam machine. Do let me know your recipe if it works out lol, thanks!

I’ll definitely be doing those. And yes, I’m currently using the handy, it’s really extraordinary lol. I had been using it probably more than I shld as well haha. As others have mentioned, it might also be an issue with the lube. I’m still experimenting with using the right amt of lube and the type of lube to use. Currently the lube I prefer is the onatsuyu water based lube for onaholes, but in general shld work with thehandy sleeves. What sort of lube are you using?

“baby step my way up to 19 hour sessions a 167 times a day” fuck i hit the floor laughing lol

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I use xlube. Basically. I use a slightly thicker concentration when i make my lube. Then i dilute it by spraying water inside and on me. When it starts to get a bit dry, i reactivate it by spraying water again. So i dont keep reapplying lube. Just spraying a bit of water. Its what.i use when i do for long sessions lol. So 1-2 pumps of lube and a couple of water sprays is enough for my 2hr sessions without any of discomfort.

As for onaholes, i actually dont know. Its my first exploration to onaholes so i only bought the stars i like and only 1 brand cuz their textures look interesting. Got the ozawa, amami tsubasa, aika, and eimi. If i were to buy again, id prob buy zxy. I heard its quite soft. I probably would not buy onaholes anymore because the cost of getting one is extremely close or sometimes, more expensive than a fleshlight in canada.

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i wont lie, ive had a sore dick a couple of times, very much after a rigarous session, like an intense scene with alot of fast action, that can make me sore, especially if i go for an hour and have it too tight, but yeah those are the causes, too tight and lots of fast action, at least thats what gets me feeling uncomfortable after

and yeah sore is the wrong word, deffo just uncomfortable that goes away after some hours, i think its just mild swelling due to the friction and the lube running dry a little

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After a number of years of experimenting to eliminate the “discomfort”, this is what I have found:

  • Loose sleeve over tight

  • soft over hard sleeve

  • cushioning lube (xlube is the best I have found for this property). A little messy, but it more than makes up for it when I comes to creating a thin layer between your member and the sleeve.

For me, the biggest relief was when I discovered that I needed to widen/loosen the upper part of the sleeve (where the head comes to rest at the end of a stroke). For some reason, this was a massive QOL - now I can have hour long sessions, no problem.

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