How do you organize your hard drive? (Folder Structure, Software (Media Servers,..))

Hey o/
After filling up my Hard Drive with Videos and Funscripts, i wondered how everyone is keeping his own Library organized.

Mine is looking like this:
→ Category (2D, 3D, Hentai, etc)
→ Creator
→ The Video and the Funscript.

Now, i do not only have the Video and its Funscript, but an collection of the Creators other videos aswell, just in case they get scripted someday. And with TBs full of Videos, it gets quiet messy, Clicking through folders and folders…

Is anyone using a software, for example media server or does have a different type of organization?

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I use stash. It’s like a personal pornhub and supports funscript playback (not sure about 3D tho). It is great, highly recommend.

When I add something new I put it in a folder, let stash scan it and then add some tags and sometimes performer. Funscript heatmap and speed is produced automatically at scan and generate. When I have watched something I usually add a rating. I have some saved filters setup so I can for example quickly filter out the highest rated vids or the most intense ones.


I might switch in the future to SR6 and want to stick with MultiFunPlayer. Do u know a stash alternative?

I just use main categories, and only use subcategories when the main category gets too much content. And to be honest, its quite messy in that as im not realy consistent here. I realy dont care as much as long as i can find back the videos with ease. Being too specific is often disruptive as videos can often be part of multiple categories. And in those cases i generaly just categorize it by the aspect i consider the most important.
And this means that the main (uncategorized) folder has the most videos in it.

For self scripted videos i have a seperate folder for projects with 1 folder per video

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I recently started using Stash but have a question. I have the heatmaps generated and they show up under the thumbnail but after clicking the video to watch it, there is no heatmap anywhere to be seen. Is there a way to make it visible like it is with script player?

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Im actually a Digital Asset Manager/Information Architect by trade, so organizing digital files is my job :slight_smile:

A simple Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) can do wonders in terms of searchability by using metadata. Adobe Bridge is free last time I checked (i’ve paid for the full adobe suit for years…) and it works with video. You can simply use it to add meta data to your content and search for it when needed.

In terms of folder hierarchy, since Bridge is not a full fledged DAMS like Bynder or AEM, you’d still have to sort that out. I always tell my clients think Big to Small. Whatever your largest category is, whether its year, or project, or models, etc, it should be your top tier. Work your way down from there.

You can also use a proper file naming convention to reduce the need for folders. Again with files names, i feel its best to work big to small, putting the most important info first… but keeping in mind that file browsers often hide sections of long file names. General guidance is to keep file names around 25 characters or less.

For me personally, I do something like this:

-Genre/style (JAV/POV/etc.)
----Project (usually the video title)
-----Specific video and related project files.

There are also some videos on youtube that people have made showcasing how they organize their video/film projects, which can give you some good ideas.

Most importantly, be consistent. Whatever structure you develop, stick with it. Or you’ll be right back in the world of confusion.

This Stash software mentioned above looks pretty neat, though! I’ll have to check it out!

No, unfortunately the heatmap is only visible with the thumbnail.

@Sphios i’ve made a feature request to show the heatmap in scrubber in video player, its also been implemented but not yet added to the official release, but its scheduled for the 0.20.0 release


That’s great to hear. Stash is by far the best I’ve found for organizing videos. The only thing its missing is that feature so it’ll be perfect when it gets implemented. Any idea how long before 0.20.0 gets released?

Sounds like it will be implemented in a future update so that’ll be great. Just wanted to say thanks for suggesting Stash. I had never heard of it but it’s amazing so far. It even has video markers to mark your favorite parts of a video. I’ve been looking for that for so long.

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no idea, they dont have a date set

If you want it now you can also download the development build. There you always get the latest features. But you have to expect these features may not work properly or have bugs. I myself have not encountered any problems or bugs so far and therefore always use the development build.
You can download it here:

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Indeed, if you have a Handy and collect and play back vids locally - stash is the way.

And thank you for that feature request @kakarot

The feature I am missing is the ability to easily adjust funscript offset while in video playback. Right now it’s hidden away in the interface settings. Sometimes I will keep that settings window up in a tab to be able to change it when the sync is off.

I downloaded v0.19.1-96 but i’m still only seeing the heatmaps under the thumbnail and not in the video. Is there a setting somewhere i can’t find to turn it on?

For me it works. There is as far as I know nothing to configure. It was also not meant that you see the heatmap in the video (video is in full screen mode) but in the scrubber. If you have a different theme / custom css it may also be because the scrubber is hidden. You can try disabling custom css to check if you can see it then. Here is a screenshot of it:

In case someone asks the video and script can be found here:

Nearly everything is default. No custom css. I do see the scrub bar but its just grayed out. But it’s to be expected. It is in development after all. Maybe it’ll start working after a while. I’m just happy to see they are adding it to an official release soon. Thanks for taking the time to try to help. I think I’ll be plenty happy using stash the way it is until the next release. So much better than using windows file system and dragging the file over to script player just to have the handy lag every time I scrub through the video. It works flawless with Stash.

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