How do you typically script a GRINDING section?

i have come upon a section of a scene i am working on where the actress is grinding, i of course am starting the stroke at 0, what do you experienced scripters normally go with for this action, would 0 to 30 be good for this? or does this depend on the device your scripting it for, in my case a launch?


I am far away from being a experienced scripter, but I can tell you how I do this sections. And I also just experienced it with The Handy, so I have no idea how other devices handling this.

So if she goes on circles like this:


For the button part, I take a 0 stroke. At the top, I take a 20,30 or 40 stroke.

In the JFS it can look like this:

There is constant movement. Every time she circles up, the device also moves up. When she circles down, she device moves down. I think it gives a good sense of movement.

If you take a 20,30 or 40 stroke is up to you I think and how the scene plays. I at least go for 30 so the movement is more noticeable.

If the grinding just goes up and down like this:


I’d go buttom a 0 and up a 20, 30 or 40. Also depending on your personal taste and how the scene plays.

I never did a grinding section like this from what I remember. But if I would have to make one, I’d probably make it like this.

I always go for at least a 20 stroke. I don’t think a 10 stroke is really noticeable. And everything above 40 feels too high. But it’s just my personal taste.

Like I said above. I am not an experienced scripter and I didn’t do many videos with grinding sections. But I hope it helped a little bit. And I am sure other far better scripters can give you a better advice.

Sorry for my bad paint skills though :sweat:


thank you very much your reply is very helpfull, in this scene it is an up and down grinding but while the girl is doing that the guy is thrusting himself up at the same time, its really throwing me off where to put my points lol i put my points to fit her minor up and down movements but then i check and see that during her up movement he has thrusted himself up and down before she comes back down, hes very annoying lol but yes your input is very helpfull and much appreciated thank you :slight_smile: im going with 0 to 30 as it feels right, i just hope it is so i dont have to revisit this annoying part lol


Ugh, I can see how annoying that must be to script. Maybe just focus on one thing to script? Either the girls or the guys movement I would say.

I honestly hate grinding section. If they are short, it’s okay. But I see there is longer a grinding section, I just don’t want to script the video at all. Some grinding sections are ok. Especially when short and the movement has a pattern. But when it’s just random, I hate to script it.


yeah its annoying, i think im going to have to get it as close as i possibly can, but the movements are all over the place, i dont think its even possible to replicate it 100% perfectly, i’ll have to accept it being only 95% accurate, the rest of the video will be fine, just this section, but its a really good learning experience if nothing else, if i get this part to feel good when in the launch i’ll be delighted lol


It really depend on the “mood” of the video I think. Can you put the link of the video I would be happy to take a look and see if I have a idea


i have got past it now :slight_smile: i THINK i managed it, but if it sucks when i test it i’ll reach out to you for sure :+1:t2:


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