How does this site work and are there scripts for the keon

I’m new here since yesterday
but how does this site work i bought a keon in may and i am looking for a good porn site that supports teledonics.
i was googling and i saw sexlikereal but it is quite expensive so i am looking for a website with a lot of porn that supports teledonics
but then i came across your site on google but i don’t know anything about this at all i have the itubego but how do i add a script from your site i saw something from pornhub

kind regards

Hello and welcome!

I would recommend checking this thread first:

If there are many questions afterwards, feel free to ask.

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Thanks for the quick response, I’ll have a read tonight.
i already checked on some porn sites how to connect your keon i tried it on pornhub and it went well only it doesn’t really sync with the video
I’m thinking about buying virtual glasses but haven’t decided yet I have already looked at virtual glasses and the oculus quest 2
I think it’s worth it, but first I need to save some money

No problem.

I’ve never tried it, because the Handy is not supported on PornHub. But I don’t think the quality is good enough. The scripts here are way better and there a plenty of scripts from PornHub.

When you get everything to work, start exploring and you will probably find enough material.

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