How long do you guys take to make a script?

I just finished off 30 minute video in default mode, which took around 3~4 hours.
Is this normal? Not sure whether there is any way to lessen to scripting time while being pretty accurate…


If things are going well, the rhythm of the video is easy to follow, not a lot of obstruction, etc I can do 1 minute of video in about 5-6 minutes. I would think that moving much faster would take a toll in accuracy. So 3-4 hours is a good speed.

If you treat it like a task, its going to take forever. Treat it like a hobby to unwind, its not too bad…though sometimes…it will still take forever.


Thx for the advice. I guess I am on the right track

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now THATS a great idea! :slight_smile:

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As a beginner it takes me also as long. If they’re such long videos i prefer to do them in pieces and not the whole video at once. Like Husky mentioned - try to combine it with something else. I tend to do it while i watch some other videos / courses, listen to something, or right now while the new MS Flight Sim is doing it’s Autopilot job. But take breaks to avoid repetitive strain injury from the mouse movements (depending on what you use for scripting)

IRL scripts usually take me about 1 hour per 10 minutes.

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Depends on a couple of factors (viewing angle, whether or not the action itself is straightforward, etc.). On average it takes me about an hour to script 5 minutes of video (I’m a crazy person and still use the Blender plug-in). As others have said, I just throw on some music or a podcast and just relax.

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i see a few guys saying it takes them about 1 hour to do 5 to 10 mins of video, i think this is where i will be at, i mean i am a total beginner, currently practicing this program using the liza rowe hologirls scene, i did a couple of minutes of strokes last night and it took me 30 mins lol i think when im up and running my process for making these will deffo be section by section, like i’ll fully complete the first blowjob and then take a break, go back and do whatever the next section is, take a break and so on, sitting for like 9 straight hours to do this i think takes dedication thats not in me currently lol but much respect to those who do that :slight_smile:

I’ve done a lot of scripts and I still script at this rate (I scrub through the entire video frame by frame as opposed to doing it on the fly), but still, better to take your time on something and make sure it’s correct. FWIW - I’ll maybe script for an hour or two and then come back to it later, that way I make sure the concentration/will to live is there (I’ve done long 4+ hour scripting sessions before and I think it literally made my eyes start watering, lol).


ok, question time, does it take longer scripting VR videos than it does 2D videos?

i just began my first scripting session ever, its a vr vid, it took me most of the day to do about 10 mins of the video, is this normal or am i going badly wrong somewhere?

i do it in default mode, frame by frame, felt like the damn blowjob was never going to end lol

Hey @Ricster89 - thats completely normal unfortunately lol

Guys that are scripting at 5 min for 1 to 2 hours are likely experienced or very fast/efficient scripters.
I’ve probably scripted overall the most of anyone (I use on the fly as well as frame by frame depending on the sex act) and anything faster will lose quality and accuracy, and there’s no real way around it with current tools.

VR’s are naturally longer to script than 2D because they are often much longer scenes in runtime alone (30min to 1hour +), and certain angles and actions can be very tough to judge movement direction and depth.

If the guy or girl is moving unpredictably (fast then slow then fast etc) then multiply that time to script to infinity :stuck_out_tongue:


YES! this is exactly what is happening in this blowjob scene im doing, im a big liza rowe fan but scripting her is making me hate her :rofl:

but yeah thanks for the reply, its great to no its normal, i want to master default mode before i even think of doing on the fly mode lol im actually looking forward to completing my current script so i can get some reviews, im sitting here for hours going frame by frame setting point after point thinking ‘please let this be right’ lol

time will tell :slight_smile:

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I’ll say - if you’re doing it frame by frame, once you get the rhythm of the scene and the proportions of everything down you’re pretty much guaranteed to have an accurate script upon completion. I wish I could do it on the fly but I’ve tried a couple of times and just haven’t been happy with what I’ve made. Jacecolm’s method of using a tablet to script (maybe with a stylus?) seems like that would help me specifically, but I’d rather drop that money towards an OSR eventually :slight_smile:

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this gives me lots of hope thanks,

another quick question i have, in the guide it say ‘Exaggerate Stroke Lengths’ so if the action on the screen looks like its about 50 to 20, would it be best to go more like 80 to 10? if this makes sense?

I would say so. You don’t really get much out of a 50 to 20, at least I don’t. But a 80 to 10 is way more enjoyable.

I would also say it depends. If there is constant action, like 90 to 10 or even 100 to 0 and there comes a slower part, where it would be more like 60 to 10 or 50 to 0, the slower part can be nice, when scripted slower with lower strokes. Just to drag on and get more out of it. And if after that, the action is more intense again and we are back to a 90 to 10 or 100 to 0, it’s pretty nice and also fitting to the scene.

But I am far away from being an expert with scripting. So don’t take this as a given :no_mouth:


thanks for your input :slight_smile:

this is my second day of working on this script, im only 10 minutes into the scene lol and im learning new things like this, so i now no that i have to go back to the first section to fiddle with the stroke lengths, because yesterdays work was all as accurate as i could get with the video, now i know it needs exaggerating so yeah, lots of work left, but its a good and helpfull thing to no,

im currently scripting a cowgirl section, so for this i know from personal use that when the strokes are too small it sucks, so i’ll certainly be making sure that the strokes are the best they can be for the best experience, but also have to make sure it looks right, i mean if the video is showing a small looking stroke but your fleshlight goes a full stroke im not sure if that would kill immersion, and these scripts for me at least are entirely about immersion, so have to be carefull i think lol

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I do agree. It would kill the immersion, if a small stroke in the scene would be a 100 to 0 in the script.

But I would make like this: If I would think it’s a 40 to 10, I’d make it 60 to 10 or 60 to 0. So I try to fit the immersion and also try to make it a enjoyable effect. Basically, I try to combine immersion and enjoyment and try to get the best result out of both.

Also a small tip, I’d like to give. How long is the video you are working on? It seems a bit longer and more complex. I started, and still doing, shorter videos. Maximum of ~5 minutes. I also try to pick simple scenes where the camera is always on the action. Also the video quality is quite important. 1080p with 60 fps videos are easier to script, than 480p 24 fps videos. Like I said, I script simple scenes, like riding scenes. No foreplay stuff with blowjob and handjob, no difference in position or camera angle. It’s way easier as a beginner.

So short and simple videos with a good quality. The reason behind this is a bit more psychological. We as humans want to see success and a functional result in our tasks we do. If you work on something forever and may have to re do it many times, we get frustrated and eventually stop doing it. But if we start easy, we will finish a task and we will see a result. If the result satisfies us, we will keep going.

Shorter and simple videos will give you a feeling of success, because you were able to finish it at a reasonable amount of time. You will test the script, see a result of your work and maybe be satisfied with it. If not, you can simple improve that script. And it wouldn’t take too much time and effort, because of the videos simplicity and shorter length.

Uh, I am rambling again, sorry :worried: I hope it wasn’t too much and a bit helpful though.


This is all down to personal preference, but Slibowitz is right on in that it depends on the scene. I think small strokes can accentuate a scene. Example: for a blowjob - I try to be as precise as possible and really try to nail down each digit of that 0-10 range as accurately as I can. I think BJ’s are the best scenes to script because they can be way more dynamic in terms of pace than sex is. For just regular sex? I don’t think it really matters nearly as much whether you go say, 7 to 0 or 8 to 0 (though when in doubt always go for the longer stroke). One of the things that can draw me out of other scripts is when they almost always use a full stroke for most actions - I can tell the difference and it feels and looks “off” to me (though again - just my opinion, some people may prefer that - pace is the overall most important thing). With that said - if there’s close grinding being done, you definitely do not want to do something that’s just position 0 to position 1 or 2 repeated (I learned this the hard way with my Mia Malkova POV script - she does a lot of grinding there and I tried to match the action - that part of the script is just so dull. I never go back to it and it’s a couple hours of my life wasted). I’ll try and vary it - 0-3 is usually my minimum, but I’ll vary it with some 2’s and 4’s.

EDIT: This does not apply to BJ’s, if there’s deep throating I will happily go 0 to 1 on the scale because I personally enjoy that slight movement.


please dont apologise, your help and tips are very much appreciated :slight_smile:

well it seems my family are correct about me because they say i have a habit in certain things i do of jumping in at the deep end lol i am currently scripting a VR scene from Hologirls starring Liza Rowe, the way i see it is that i will mainly be scripting VR scenes because i dont use the 2D scripts myself, as it stands i dont see the point, VR is way more of a satisfying expierience with a script that i cant see myself dipping into the 2D scripts, so my thinking is that if i practice on a VR scene then im learning everything i truly need to move forward with scripting straight away, i mean if this script im working on comes out great or simply good enough then that will be a heck of an accomplishment me as a total beginner lol

but honestly if it begins to annoy me or frustrate then i would probably take a step down as you suggest anyway,

as it stands with my current progress my only annoyance is how time consuming it is to make a VR script lol im now around 13 mins into the video, i started this morning i was around 10 mins in, so ive done 4 hours today so far and done 3 mins worth lol it takes alot of dedication to make these, you have to really want the scene scripted bad enough or make them to make money possibly, but for me right now im just doing it for the completed scripted scenes to add to my library :slight_smile: time will tell how motivational that remains lol


this is very helpfull, ive been dreading coming to some grinding but when i do now i will apply some of this knowledge you dropped :slight_smile: thanks alot