How long do you usually last?

Handy and Kiiroo Keon user here,

Just wondering that how long do you guys usually last? I myself have a problem that the toys/scripts feel so good that I can’t even get through a single short script. It seems like I am the odd one out due to people modifying their toys to add a lubrication function to them…

Also, Handy users, is there a “pause” button like in the Keon that stops the script, but lets the video play?


Really depends on the intensity of the script, i’ve had very quick sessions of like 5min with top tier HMV/PMV but then i’ve had longer ones of over an hour with slower paced scripts that has small breaks in them … and there is no pause button afaik, but pulling the power cable out works haha


It depends entirely on my state of mind at the time, what I am after and what the script and video are like. Unimpeded, with my on high and the vid hot as I can get, roughly 2-3mins. Im sure I could work on it if I wanted but I don’t really see it as a downside. If I am looking for a quick round its great. I always use lube. I honestly have absolutely no idea how anybody can go with no lube. It gets rapidly uncomfortable for me. Brings back memories of bad HS handjobs.

Now, if I have time and want to spend some time with it, I reduce the stroke length (Handy) when I am close and just enjoy the small strokes for a about 30 seconds or so, its really based on the feeling, and then increase the stroke length. After a couple times of this I can go for as long as I want to without restriction. There is more to it than that but those are some things I do when using toys and scripts.

The Handy does have a pause function. It is, at least for me and it could just be me, a little glitchy and sometimes wont start back up proper. I don’t use it anyways as I have explained but it does have one.

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On the handy you can always just hit the power button and it kills the script being sent. Just pause and unpause the video to restart. And how long? Idk 15-20 minutes up to an hour. Longer than that no matter how much lube I feel like half these scripts are doing damage at the intensity they’re at lol. I also find alot of people don’t test their scripts or arent going for accuracy in the speed/ length of the strokes they program.

Here’s my best script I recently completed, I think it’s far more immersive than 90% of the other scripts on SLR. I’ve started a playlist of “realistic” scripts at this point on there. Rename it 19507 for SLR interactive folder on quest.
Chloe Toy Bedroom Wank Compressed.funscript (29.1 KB)


Also I wasn’t planning on sharing that script lol just wanted to prove a point hopefully. Thank me later?

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i always check if there is a fast handjob part at the end that’s at least a minute long as i need that to cum, if it doesnt then i last till the end.
Sounds great that i can last that long, but in reality i’m a bit jealous of the people that need far less stimulation to cum.

I last longer during sex than with the handy lets just say that

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Non stop hard action, a few minutes. But I like taking breaks and building up the energy. I can go for an hour or more that way. It’s how I prefer having sex as well.

Range from 5min to the end of my KEON battery depending on the mood…
The KEON is great but should have been a passthrought option to use for a long period…


I’ve said it before… The Onyx+ is a great option if you want something less intense.


Is your goal to last longer? If so, lube type makes a huge difference on the feel of the sleeve. Thinner liquid = less stimulation, makes it more slick. Thicker liquid = more stimulation, feel the the sleeve more. Try flipping the sleeve inside out or a whole new sleeve altogether.

If you’ve never tried a Japanese lube, you really owe it to yourself to try one. After the first time I tried, I never went back. It lasts way longer and feels better than anything I’ve ever tried. The best part, you can tailor it to however you like it. I like 1 part lube to 3 parts water. So, 1 bottle of lube turns into 4 and its perfect for me. You can play with the ratios and find what you like best. Try anything on here, as long as it’s water based:

When I first got my handy, I could only last a few mins. I like to enjoy 1hr+ sessions now. It takes practice, don’t focus on cumming right away. Relax, enjoy the experience. Don’t think about time. I’ve found a lot of it is psychological, think kama sutra, relax, enjoy your time. If you feel you need a break, pause it, take a breather then continue. Practice grasshopper, in time, you will be able to finish whenever you like.


5 min to an hour, probably 25 min average

10/15 minutes to 1 hr. Average is probably 40 min. But after about 20 minutes it’s a choice to last that long.

Similar situation, few minutes with a decent script, compared to 20+ in the bedroom. I’ve only used one sleeve though, so I might need to find one less stimulating, or learn to stick it out for a round two :joy:

Depends of the Script and the Video itself, sometimes a least only several minutes, sometimes like an Hour or more. Well done Edging Scripts work best for longer sessions. Challenges often turn out way to hard and are also too fast for the Devices. I prefer around 20 min videos, with slow to fast movement.
There is 1 short video which i cant resist much longer than 2 min, but thats probably because she is just the kind of girl which makes me crazy. (its a amateur video, she has no name or some informations)

Turning the Handy sleeve inside out made a lot of difference, the intended way is too intense for me.

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It really depends on the scene and the actress some scenes I’ve been surprised that last 15 minutes or more because they feel so damn good , some scenes I last maybe a minute or two and have to accept the painful truth that I will NEVER be a professional porn star.

i have multiple orgasms so it’s not the end of the world if i cum but there is always the mess to clean up after even if i go multiple rounds with my Handy so i always try to do a brief wipe down .

So a non-answer it depends but typically between 2 and 15 minutes. I’ve learned what kind of scene i crave based on how hard i want to come now which is kinda crazy to think about, my handy has become an orgasm machine and i can pick how overwhelmed i want to be by it.

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Depends on multiple factors, my mood being #1. I’ve exhausted the Launch battery in manual mode trying for a wank when I just wasn’t feeling it. I’d say a typical session is generally ~10-20 minutes. If I’m using a script then certain actresses or sections that I know feel good can accelerate the process. And it’s not strictly speed - I find a lot of really fast scripts (including ones I’ve made) just don’t do it for me. I’m reminded of a line from It’s Always Sunny - “you’re just mashing it now”.

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Does anyone feel it takes too long sometimes? Like taking forever?
Also, did anyone else have issues lasting way longer during normal sex? Like taking too long then it should?

in my opinion NPG makes the best lube…is super thick an super sticky plus its stringy like saliva and feels amazing :stuck_out_tongue: