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How to Apply to Become a Commercial Paid Scripter!

If you’ve got a talent for making great scripts, we’d love to work with you at SexLikeReal! With time and practice, almost anyone can create amazing scripts, and the tools (such as JoyFunScripter are completely free.

We’re eager and excited to bring talented new scripters on board to make our VR porn collection come to life for our users, and you’ll even get fun perks like an SLR Premium membership.

Interested? You can send a direct message here at EroScripts to @RealCumber or @raser1; e-mail us directly at or; or even message Realcumber through discord (Realcumber#3476).

Please note that in order to get paid you must have your own legal business entity (sole proprietor, LLC, etc.).

Please include a sample of your best work in your message. A link to the related video isn’t necessary but is helpful. Free uploads via account links are preferred. We’ll scan your work, provide feedback if improvement is needed, and if everything is good we’ll provide the rest of the info and guidelines on officially joining the team. Also, if you’re just getting started, we’re eager to help so feel free to reach out with questions.

If you find scripting yourself too daunting or time consuming, you can also request scripts at the SexLikeForum for your favorite scenes and/or purchase scripts HERE to directly support script creators like us!


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